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Surname Given Name County Township Page
Bailey George Venango Paint 25
Bailey John Armstrong Monroe 55
Bailey Thomas Venango Richland 55
Baily Thomas Armstrong Clarion 85
Baker Abraham Venango Richland 59
Baker Daniel Armstrong Perry 107
Baker David Armstrong Toby 120
Baker Hugh Venango Elk 123
Baker John Armstrong Perry 107
Baker Samuel Venango Elk 122
Baker William Armstrong Toby 120
Baldwin William B Armstrong Red Bank 68
Balliatt Nicholas Armstrong Clarion 87
Balliot Nicholas Armstrong Monroe 59
Balliott George Armstrong Red Bank 61
Balseger Samuel Armstrong Madison 128
Bane Charity Armstrong Madison 129
Barber Robert Armstrong Clarion 82
Bargar Abraham Armstrong Perry 110
Barger Jacob Armstrong Perry 110
Barger John Armstrong Perry 109
Barger Philip Jr Armstrong Perry 110
Barges Philip Armstrong Perry 110
Barges Samuel Armstrong Perry 110
Barly John Armstrong Red Bank 77
Barnet Henry Venango Farmington 31
Barnett James Armstrong Red Bank 62
Barr Adam Armstrong Clarion 86
Barr David Armstrong Madison 124
Barr Henry Jr Armstrong Perry 109
Barr Henry Sr Armstrong Perry 109
Barr James Armstrong Monroe 56
Barr Robert Armstrong Red Bank 77
Barr Stephen Venango Farmington 33
Barr Thomas Armstrong Clarion 79
Barr William Armstrong Perry 109
Barrechanan James Armstrong Madison 125
Bartholemew William Armstrong Madison 131
Bartholomew Michael Armstrong Red Bank 77
Bartlet Jacob Venango Farmington 33
Bartlet Peter Venango Farmington 33
Bartlet Peter Jr Venango Farmington 33
Bartley William Armstrong Perry 110
Bartlez John Armstrong Toby 114
Basam Abraham Armstrong Clarion 85
Bashline George Armstrong Monroe 54
Baughman Catharine Armstrong Red Bank 70
Baughman Elizabeth Armstrong Red Bank 72
Baughman John Armstrong Red Bank 70
Bawersock Paul Armstrong Red Bank 64
Bayer George Armstrong Red Bank 70
Bazzard John Armstrong Madison 125
Beale Daniel Armstrong Monroe 55
Beals Daniel Venango Richland 60
Beals Jacob Venango Richland 60
Bean Jacob Venango Beaver 68
Bean Jesse P Venango Elk 122
Beaty Elisha H Armstrong Perry 111
Beaty William Armstrong Perry 111
Beatty John Armstrong Clarion 81
Beatty Richard Armstrong Red Bank 65
Beatty William Armstrong Monroe 57
Bechel John Armstrong Clarion 90
Beck Adam Armstrong Red Bank 73
Beck Alexander Armstrong Toby 115
Beck George Venango Beaver 67
Beck George Armstrong Red Bank 73
Beck Isaac Armstrong Red Bank 73
Beck John Armstrong Toby 120
Beck John Venango Elk 123
Bectel Isaac Venango Richland 60
Been George L Armstrong Toby 118
Beer John Armstrong Red Bank 69
Beer William Venango Paint 27
Beery Abraham Venango Richland 60
Beery Henry Venango Richland 55
Beighly Henry Armstrong Clarion 88
Beighly John Armstrong Monroe 58
Bekan John Armstrong Red Bank 72
Bell Alexander Venango Elk 122
Bell George Venango Richland 62
Bell John B Venango Richland 61
Bell Nancy Venango Beaver 66
Bell Samuel Venango Beaver 66
Bell Thomas Venango Beaver 66
Bell William Venango Farmington 33
Bender Frederick Venango Beaver 67
Beninger Samuel Armstrong Madison