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Transcribed by Frederick S. Mowry and published in the Western PA Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 19, No. 3 (Winter 1993), pg. 4.   No copyright infringement intended.

Edition:  13 December 1876

  • Married 23 Nov at the res of bride's mother, by Rev. T.J. Core, Mr. John A.C. Boyd, late of Catfish, Clarion Co. Pa. and Miss Emma DeViney of Blairsville, Indiana Co.

Edition:  27 December 1876

  • Married 1 Dec by Rev. J.H. Hawk at Callensburg [Clarion Co.] Mr. S. D. McKee of Curllsville and Miss Loue J. Crick of Rimersburg, both of Clarion Co. Pa.
  • Married 14 Dec by Rev. J. Mateer D. D. at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Samuel Freemont Goheen of Goheensville, Armstrong Co. Pa. and Miss Barbara Ellen Jack of Leatherwood, Clarion Co. Pa.

Edition:  10 January 1877

  • Died 18 Dec 1876 David Craig near Greenville, Clarion Co. Pa.
  • Died 31 Dec 1876 at his men [res?] near Farmington Pa. of pulmonary consumption, in his 68th year, Mr. Dixon [full name not given].

Edition:  16 May 1877

  • Killed 4 May at Manorville, Clarion Co. Pa. Joseph F. Patton, of Beech Woods, Pa. aged 24y 7m 1d.

Edition:  21 November 1877

  • Died Samuel Fleming 5 Nov of typhoid fever of vicinity of Mechanicsville. Clarion Co. Pa.

Edition:  12 December 1877

  • Died Robert Allison 23 Nov near Kingsville, Clarion Co. Pa. age 87.

Edition:  19 December 1877

  • Died George Daugherty 12 Nov at his res in Wapello Co. IA of cancer in the stomach, formerly of Callensburg Pa. age 66.

Edition:  09 January 1878

  • Died John Warnick 2 Jan Clarion Co. age 77 years.

Edition:  23 January 1878

  • Died Mrs. Mary A. Bartlett wife of Samuel 7 Jan in Oak Grove, Clarion Co. Pa.
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