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Transcribed by Bonnie J. Tharan and published in the Western PA Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 9, No. 1 (August 1982), pg. 9.
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While researching the Kribbs / Cribbs branch of my husband's family, we came across the original commission papers of his ancestor George Cribbs.  He was born in Westmoreland County in 1805 and moved to the Clarion County area in 1817.  With these papers was the original roster of the Richland Rifle Company from Clarion County.  The compiler notes that the condition of the papers are poor and names are not always easily readable.

Commission Papers of George Cribbs

In the name and by the authority of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, J. Andrew Shulze, Governor of the said Commonwealth, to George Cribbs, Esq. of the County of Clarion.  Greeting:  Know that you, the said George Cribbs, being duly elected and returned, are hereby commissioned First Lieutenant of the Richland Rifle Company attached to the 78th Regiment of the Militia of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the 2nd Brigade of the 16th Division composed of the militia of the counties of Beaver, Butler, Mercer, Crawford, Erie, Venango and Warren; to have and to hold this commission exercising all the powers, and discharging all the duties thereunto lawfully belonging and attached, until the 3rd day of August 1835, if you shall so long behave yourself well and perform the duties required by law.

In testimony whereof, I have set my hand, and caused the Lesser Seal of the State to be affixed to these presents, at Harrisburg, dated agreeably to law, 23rd of August 1828 and of the Commonwealth the 53rd. /S/ James Trimble, Deputy Secretary.

Names of the Members of the Richland Rifle Company

Uniformed on the 26th day of May 1830.  Name, township in Clarion County and age are given.

Captain, George Cribbs, Beaver Twp. ae 25
1st Lt., Michael Weaver, Richland Twp. ae 24
2nd Lt., Danl. Wingard, Beaver Twp. ae 25
2nd Sgt., Philip Cribbs, Beaver Twp. ae 23
3rd Sgt., Reuben Gowls, Beaver Twp. ae 22
Jacob McGinis, Elk Twp. ae 30
Jacob Mong, Elk Twp. ae 31
John F. McGinis, Richland Twp. ae 25
Wm. Platt, Richland Twp.
Alex Downing, Richland Twp. ae 30
Wm. Mane, Beaver Twp.
George Young, Paint Twp. ae 26
John Alt, Beaver Twp. ae 23
George Best, Beaver Twp. ae 26
Danl. Dahle, Beaver Twp. ae 2?
Thomas Maze, Elk Twp. ae 22
Wm. Black, Beaver Twp. ae 23
Joseph Curren, Richland Twp. ae 32
Andrew White, Richland Twp. ae 26
Wm. Snyder, Richland Twp. ae 16
George Delo, Elk Twp. ae 21
Paul Berlin, Elk Twp. ae 18
Jese Heighly, Richland Twp. ae 19
Barn'd P. Lachmen, Beaver Twp ae 17
George Altman, Beaver Twp. ae 26
Jacob Delo, Elk Twp. ae 22
Wm. Bell
Dan'l. Snyder, Richland Twp. ae 25
George Shakely, Beaver Twp.
Danl. Swab, Pine Grove, ae 34
John White, Beaver Twp. ae 28
John Brineman, Beaver Twp. ae 26
Henry Sheaver, Richland Twp. ae 42
Barnard Myers
Rob. McMilkey, Richland Twp.
B. Gardner, Beaver Twp. ae 29
P. Hyskill, Elk Twp. ae 25
Danl. Smith, Elk Twp. ae 24
Aaron Flick, Beaver Twp. ae 16
Ralph Beach, Elk Twp. ae 20
Jese Brown, Elk Twp. ae 35
John Cramer, Elk Twp. ae 22
Jacob Stomith, Elk Twp.
James White, Richiand Twp. ae 21
Danl. Kiester, Elk Twp.
Jacob Heighley, Richland Twp. ae 17
Jese Belin, Elk Twp. ae 22
Saml. Weaver, Richland Twp. ae 16
John Best, Beaver Twp.
John Downing, Richland Twp. ae 26
John Weaver, Richland Twp.
Andrew Weaver, Richland Twp.
Robert Rea, Shippenville, ae 31
David Dahle, Beaver Twp. ae 20
Charles Albert, Beaver Twp. ae 22
Jacob Black, Beaver Twp. ae 21
Wm. Ohlen, Elk Twp. ae 23
Thomas Meager, Beaver Twp.
Nathan Phipps, Elk Twp.
James Irwin, Beaver Twp. ae 29
John Cribbs, Beaver Twp. ae 21
Henry Kearns, Richland Twp. ae 26
John McClain, Beaver Twp. ae 23
Michal Mong, Elk Twp. ae 21
Adam W. Snyder, Richland Twp.
David Whitehill, Beaver Twp. ae 22
Saml. Bell, Richland Twp. ae 22
Joseph Kuhns, Beaver Twp. ae 19
Henry Mong, Elk Twp. ae 27
John Shoup, Richland Twp. ae 30
John C. Henry, Beaver Twp. ae 23
Jacob Otis, Beaver Twp. ae 23
Jacob Alt, Beaver Twp. ae 24
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