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Research Aids

This listing was compiled from various sources.  Amendments are always welcome.

You may submit a veteran's service details and other biographical information by clicking on the Submit Your Data link in the menu at left.

Aaron, Sibert P.
Baker, John H.
Beatty, Walter C
Bell, Edward M.
Bigley, David S.
Birtcil, George A.
Blakney, Henry M.
Boyles, Bird W.
Boyles, Harry
Campbell, A. C.
Campbell, Charles E.
Campbell, Edward A.
Clover, Ralph W.
Cooper, James
Cratty, Milo G.
Cribbs, William E.
Dale, Tolbert R.
Davis, Aaron J.
Davis, Samuel A.
Duncan, Harry
Fitzgerald, Jay Emmett
Fleming, Robert L.
Forringer, Randos M.
Foust, Joseph A.
Ganoe, Chambers E.
Ganoe, William O.
Graves, Cecil C.
Harps, Charles H.
Heckathorne, James F.
Hosey, William S.
Jackson, Jose
Johnson, Arthur R.
Linsey, Otis L.
Mang, Elmer W.
Martin, James E.
McFarland, James C.
McShick, Casper A.
Miller, Casper A.
Morris, William H.
Pickens, Samuel L.
Pinks, Fredrick L.
Preston, Walter J.
Rhodes, Jacob O.
Shoup, Harold A.
Shoup, William
Smather, Ross J.
Snyder, Charles J.
Snyder, Don C.
Sowders, Otis O.
Spence, Bernard M.
Stagler, John C.
Stuart, T. S.
Taylor, George A.
Vowinkle, Fredrick
Vowinkle, George F.
Walker, William R.
Whitehill, Clare E.
Wick, John R.
Wilson, James R.
Wilson, Theophilus L.
Youkers, Edward F.
Youkers, Frank G.
Youkers, Frederick W.
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