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Priests of St. Nicholas Church

John O'Neill1828-36
Martin Kundig1836
P.A. Cody1840-44
Peter Brown1844-45
R. Kleinerdam1845
John Hoy1845-47
Andreas Skopez1846-60
H.P. Gallagher1846
Peter Schmid1846
Michael Gallagher1847
Joseph F. Deane1848-50
James Slattery1850-52
Thomas Ledwith1851-59
S.G. Molinger1859-65
John Koch1865-68
C.L. Lemagia1866
W. Pugh1866
D. Snively1866
John Daly1867
N. Lamarque1868-69
Joseph Stumpe1869
C.H. Weinker1868-71
Bernard McGivney1871-75
P. Cosgrove1875-76
M. Flood1877-78
James McPhelemy1878-79
M. Flood1879-80
J.P. McCloskey1880-87
P.J. Smith1883
T.J. Clarke1885
John F. Smith1887
Bernard McGiveny1887-88
John I. Ruddy1888-98
P. J. Dwyer1898-1910
M. Fitzgerald1910-20
John Ring1920-1930
M. Robaczewski1925
R. L. Simendinger1930-36
R.A. Geiger1936-38
Paul I. Wursch1939-44
Ernest F. McIntire1945-46
Joseph E. McTague1946-47
Charles J. Hacherl1947-1954
Joseph J. Grode1950-51
Joseph T. Barry1954-56
H.V. Lochven TOR1956
Joseph W. Burke1956-70
Casimir A. Bogniak1971-1972
Edward Bula1972-1975
Donald J. Cooper1975-
William D. Smith1976-
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