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Research Aids

Clarion County has beautiful scenery (except in the couple of places where they're still strip-mining).  The county is still predominantly rural.  Be sure to allow time to just drive around and soak in the atmosphere.

  • Make sure your map/driving directions have the correct exit numbers for Interstate 80.  They changed about 2000 to match the interstate's mile markers.

  • The county has completed its conversion to an E-911 system, so rural route numbers are no longer used on mailing addresses.  If you only have a rural route and box number for someone, you need to get his/her new address, or your mail will be returned.

  • The water in the areas where strip mining is complete is gross (smells and tastes like sulphur; often has oily texture).  You may need to buy bottled water for drinking.

  • Be sure you have your gas tank full before you leave Interstate 80!  Gas stations are available, but they aren't on every corner in the remote areas!

  • Take lots of film for your camera.

  • Stop and talk to people.  I've never met a Clarion County native who wasn't friendly.  They're very proud of their county, and they'll be intrigued by your research pursuits.  Most of what I've learned of Clarion County history and families has been through random conversations.

  • Study the influence of the Clarion River on the county.  This will answer many of your "how come?" issues.

  • Study the impact of the iron, logging, and oil industries on Clarion County.  Many post-Civil War boom towns in Clarion County are now no more than a few houses and a cemetery.

  • Unless you use Interstate 80, you can't get from one place in Clarion County to another place quickly.  But, that's really a delight!  Highway 68 looks like an easy route through the county.  But, it goes around some terrific curves and up-and-down some serious hills.  It takes about an hour to get from Clarion to Butler during daylight hours if you know the road!

  • Make plans in advance for things to keep a disinterested spouse or children occupied while you do research in Clarion County.  The county has some interesting activities available, but you need to make sure they can amuse themselves easily.  Some suggestions are at the end of this page.

  • Very few Clarion County public records, church minutes, cemeteries, school histories, local histories, newspapers, or other documents have been transcribed, indexed, abstracted, or otherwise made available for public use.  Many church records are in the homes of church clerks. You will have to dig!  Call or write the Clarion County Historical Society for information about a specific record.

  • Preview the Clarion County holdings of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City in the Family History Library Catalogue at your nearest LDS Family History Center, or check the Catalogue on-line.  A list is part of this Web site, but it may not be up-to-date.  You can check the current catalogue on-line at LDS

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