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The following tables contain an index to the map of Clarion County Cemeteries and Churches prepared by Charles A. Reeves, Jr., in January, 1998.  The map is 17" x 22" and full-color.  Click here to see a reduced image (use your browser's back button to return here).

The map can be obtained from him for a very reasonable price.  Visit Mr. Reeves' catalogue for ordering details.  Select Cemetery Maps from the navigation pane and scroll through to number 49.

Note:  In cases where a cemetery and church are in close proximity, index numbers for the nearby church or cemetery are given in parentheses after the cemetery or church, respectively.  These are identified on the Clarion County map as: Cemetery# / Church#.


No. Name Township
1 Asbury Cemetery* Clarion
2 Calvary Cemetery* Limestone
3 Cedarview Memorial Park (Strattanville)* Clarion
4 Chestnut Ridge Cemetery* Richland
5 Dehner (East Hill) Cemetery* Washington
6 Miola Cemetery* Highland
7 Leiberum (a.k.a. Old Dutch) Cemetery* Ashland
8 Old Seceder Cemetery* Clarion
9 Paradise Cemetery* Redbank
10 Perry Chapel Cemetery* Elk
11 Phipps (Berlin) Cemetery* Ashland
12 Saint Eusebius Cemetery* Madison
13 Crates (Saint Nicholas of Tolentino) Cemetery* Limestone
14 Starr Cemetery* Ashland
15 Venus Union Cemetery* Washington
16 Ashland Cemetery Ashland
17 St. Marks (Kossuth) Cemetery (#25) Ashland
18 Starr (Grace Evanelical, Ninevah) Cemetery (#6) Ashland
19 Trinity (Fern) Cemetery (#29) Ashland
20 Blairs (Blairs Corners) Cemetery Beaver
21 Emanuel (Kribbs) Cemetery Beaver
22 Knox Union Cemetery Beaver
23 McElhattan Cemetery(private) Beaver
24 Monroe (St. Mark) Cemetery (#24) Beaver
25 Mt. Joy Cemetery (#13) Beaver
26 Olson Cemetery(private) Beaver
27 Providence Cemetery Beaver
28 St. Pauls (Union, Wentling Corners) Cemetery (#26) Beaver
29 Jefferson Station Cemetery Beaver
30 Beaver City Cemetery Beaver**
31 Baptist (Strattanville) Cemetery Clarion
32 Clarion (Protestant) Cemetery Clarion
33 Immaculate Conception (Catholic) Cemetery Clarion
34 Methodist (Strattanville Boro.) Cemetery Clarion
35 New Rehobeth Cemetery (#21) Clarion
36 Carney Family Cemetery (private) Clarion
37 Henderson Family Cemetery (private) Clarion
38 Mt. Pleasant at Corsica Cemetery Jefferson Co.
39 St. Josephs (Lucinda) Cemetery (#23) Knox
40 Walters (Lucinda) Cemetery Knox
41 Callensburg (Old & New; Presbyterian) Cemetery Licking
42 Mt. Zion (Loop, St. John's, Lutheran) Cemetery Licking
43 Mt. Pleasant Methodist Cemetery Licking
44 Limestone (Greenville) Cemetery Limestone
45 Mt. Calvary (Kingsville, Limestone) Cemetery Limestone
46 Salem/Frogtown (Nevin Memorial) Cemetery Limestone
47 Coleman/Downs Cemetery Limestone
48 Croosroads (Kingsville) Cemetery Limestone
49 Bethesda Cemetery Toby
50 Independence Cemetery Toby
51 Rimersburg Cemetery Toby
52 Summerville Cemetery Toby
53 United Presbyterian (Cherry Run) Cemetery (#2) Toby
54 Rimmersburg (at Lindenpitz Welding Shop) Cemetery Toby**
55 Lickingville Cemetery Washington
56 Lutheran (Pioneer, Kapp, Fryburg) Cemetery Washington
57 Newmansville (Walters) Cemetery Washington
58 St. Michaels (Fryburg) Cemetery Washington
59 Washington (Frills Corners) Cemetery (#30) Washington
60 Wolfs (Wolfs Corners) Cemetery Washington
61 Methodist Church (Venus) Cemetery Washington
62 St. Lukes Cemetery Washington**
63 Concord (Concord Church) Cemetery (#4) Perry
64 Dutch Hill Cemetery Perry
65 Matildaville (West Freedom) Cemetery Perry
66 Perryville Cemetery Perry
67 West Freedom Cemetery Perry
68 West Monterey Cemetery Perry
69 Synder Cemetery Perry**
70 Manor Cemetery (#11) Paint
72 Knight Cemetery Elk
73 Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery Elk
74 Pleasant Hill (Shippenville Boro) Cemetery Elk
75 Shippenville Cemetery Elk
76 Shippenville Union Cemetery Elk
77 Wedlkand Cemetery Elk
78 Mary Ann Furnace Cemetery Elk
79 Freidrich Graveyard Elk
80 Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery Elk**
81 Curllsville (M.E.) Cemetery Piney
82 County Home (Grandview, Sligo) Cemetery Piney
83 Shamburg (Pine Grove) Cemetery (#17) Piney
84 Sligo (Union) Cemetery Piney
85 Means Family (private) Cemetery Piney
86 Finefrock Cemetery Piney
87 Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery Piney
88 Mt. Pleasant Methodist (Licking township) Cemetery Piney**
89 Cottage Hill (Old Catholic) Cemetery Porter
90 Herman (Smithland) Cemetery Porter
91 Leatherwood Baptist Cemetery (#9) Porter
92 Leatherwood Presbyterian Cemetery (#8) Porter
93 New Bethlehem Cemetery Porter
94 Oak Grove Cemetery Porter
95 Squirrel Hill Cemetery (#15) Porter
96 St. Charles (New Catholic) Cemetery Porter
97 Alcola (West Millville, Reformed Church) Cemetery Redbank
98 Frazier (Truittsburg) Cemetery Redbank
99 Hawthorn (Millville) Cemetery Redbank
100 Shannondale (Union, Zion, Lutheran) Cemetery Redbank
101 Middle Run (Evangelical, Hog Hollow) Cemetery Redbank
102 Silvis Cemetery Redbank**
103 Foxburg Cemetery Richland
104 St. Petersburg Cemetery Richland
105 Bethany Cemetery Salem
106 Lutheran (Salem, Lamartine) Cemetery Salem
107 Pickwick (St. Lukes Lutheran, Tryangle, Cry Baby) Cem. Salem
108 Presbyterian Brick Cemetery Salem
109 Reformed Salem (United Church of Christ) Cemetery Salem


No. Name Township
1 Ashland Church* Ashland
2 Cherry Run Church* (#53) Toby
3 Cherry Run Church* Toby
4 Concord Church* (#63) Perry
5 Concord Church* Paint
6 Grace Church* (#18) Ashland
7 Greenwood Church* Forest County
8 Leatherwood Church* (#92) Porter
9 Leatherwood Church* (#91) Porter
10 Licking Church* Monroe
11 Manor Church* (#70) Paint
12 Manor Church* Paint
13 Mount Joy Church* (#25) Beaver
14 Nevin Church* Limestone
15 Oak Grove Church* (#95) Porter
16 Oak Grove Church (historical)* Porter
17 Pine Grove Church* (#83) Piney
18 Pleasant Hill Chapel* Limestone
19 Providence Church* Beaver
20 Redclyffe Church* Not in Clarion Co.
21 Rehoboth Church* (#35) Clarion
22 Richland Church* Salem
23 Saint Josephs Church* (#39) Knox
24 Saint Marks Church* (#24) Beaver
25 Saint Marks Church* (#17) Ashland
26 Saint Pauls Church* (#28) Beaver
27 Sharpsburg Church* Monroe
28 Shiloh Church* Highland
29 Trinity Church* (#19) Ashland
30 Washington Church* (#59) Washington

*Listed in the USGS Geographical Names Information Server (GNIS) database as being in Clarion County.  However, the latitude and longitude coordinates given by the USGS for Ashland Church, Greenwood Church, and Redclyffe Church place them outside Clarion County.  Ashland Church is near enough to the county border to be shown on the map; the other two are not.

**These are listed in the textual material provided to Mr. Reeves, but their locations were not given.

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