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Geographic Names Information System Query Results

450 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.

Feature Name                 Type      Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map
---------------------------- --------- -------- --------- ------------------------
Acme Mines (historical)      mine      410210N  0792901W  Sligo
Alcola                       pop place 410044N  0791721W  New Bethlehem
Allegheny Clarion Valley     school    410840N  0794033W  Emlenton
 High School
Altmans Corners              locale    411605N  0793435W  Kossuth
Alum Rock                    pop place 411002N  0793717W  Knox
Alum Rock                    summit    410922N  0793757W  Emlenton
Alum Rock Post Office        post offi 411002N  0793717W  Knox
Amsler School                school    411933N  0792631W  Fryburg
Anderson Run                 stream    410651N  0793021W  Rimersburg
Armitage Newmansville        airport   412600N  0792100W  Tylersburg
Arthurs                      pop place 411615N  0792327W  Fryburg
Asbury Cemetery              cemetery  411120N  0791630W  Strattanville
Ashland Church               church    411837N  0793338W  Kossuth
Ashland School               school    411702N  0793425W  Kossuth
Ashland, Township of         civil     411629N  0793359W  Kossuth
Auge Run                     stream    412257N  0792747W  Tionesta
Bald Eagle Island            island    410205N  0793653W  Rimersburg
Barlett Run                  stream    411957N  0791725W  Lucinda
Bear Creek                   stream    410458N  0794026W  Parker
Beaver City                  pop place 411325N  0793321W  Knox
Beaver Creek                 stream    410937N  0793251W  Knox
Beaver, Township of          civil     411150N  0793157W  Knox
Bela                         pop place 410300N  0793440W  Rimersburg
Billing                      pop place 411657N  0793041W  Kossuth
Billings Station             locale    411657N  0793033W  Kossuth
Black Fox Island             island    410218N  0793753W  Parker
Black Fox Run                stream    410215N  0793736W  Parker
Black School                 school    411622N  0793040W  Kossuth
Blair School (historical)    school    410023N  0792554W  Sligo
Blairs Corners               pop place 411059N  0793351W  Knox
Blue Goose Mine              locale    410244N  0793552W  Rimersburg
Blyson Run                   stream    411607N  0791810W  Lucinda
Boyd Run                     stream    411141N  0792811W  Clarion
Brady, Township of           civil     405858N  0793531W  East Brady
Brinkerton                   pop place 410438N  0792135W  New Bethlehem
Brinkerton Post Office       post offi 410438N  0792135W  New Bethlehem
Browns Run                   stream    412139N  0791403W  Cooksburg
Browns School (historical)   school    410201N  0792620W  Sligo
Brush Run                    stream    410954N  0792603W  Clarion
Bryners Station              locale    411415N  0792707W  Clarion
Buckhorn School              school    411334N  0792843W  Clarion
Bull Run                     stream    412546N  0791844W  Tylersburg
Bully Hill School            school    410745N  0791338W  Corsica
Callensburg                  pop place 410733N  0793331W  Knox
Callensburg, Borough of      civil     410731N  0793326W  Knox
Callihan Run                 stream    411648N  0791743W  Lucinda
Calvary Cemetery             cemetery  410854N  0791643W  Strattanville
Canoe Creek                  stream    410944N  0793159W  Knox
Canoe Furnace                pop place 411120N  0793105W  Knox
Canoe Ripple                 rapids    410952N  0793151W  Knox
Catfish                      pop place 410023N  0793513W  Rimersburg
Catfish Run                  stream    410019N  0793518W  Rimersburg
Cathers Run                  stream    411900N  0791402W  Cooksburg
Cedarview Memorial Park      cemetery  411310N  0791801W  Strattanville
Chapel Run                   stream    412240N  0791434W  Marienville West
Cherry Run                   stream    411614N  0792131W  Lucinda
Cherry Run                   stream    410720N  0793356W  Rimersburg
Cherry Run Campground        locale    410436N  0793147W  Rimersburg
Cherry Run Church            church    410415N  0792823W  Sligo
Cherry Run Church            church    410441N  0793206W  Rimersburg
Chestnut Ridge               ridge     410129N  0792604W  Sligo
Chestnut Ridge Cemetery      cemetery  411108N  0793728W  Knox
Church Hill                  locale    410400N  0793911W  Parker
Churchville                  pop place 410612N  0792512W  Sligo
Citizens Water Company Dam   dam       410006N  0792006W  New Bethlehem
Clarion                      pop place 411253N  0792308W  Clarion
Clarion County               civil     412231N  0792231W  President
Clarion County Airport       airport   411336N  0792626W  Clarion
Clarion Island               island    410715N  0794038W  Parker
Clarion Junction             pop place 411413N  0792502W  Clarion
Clarion River                stream    410659N  0794031W  Parker
Clarion University of        school    411235N  0792243W  Clarion
Clarion, Borough of          civil     411219N  0792244W  Clarion
Clarion, Township of         civil     411201N  0791927W  Strattanville
Clarion-Limestone High       school    411101N  0791635W  Strattanville
Clawson Run                  stream    411802N  0791239W  Cooksburg
Coal Run                     stream    411123N  0792843W  Clarion
Coffman Camp                 locale    411909N  0793456W  Kossuth
Cohlhepp School (historical) school    411810N  0792839W  Fryburg
Concord Church               church    410442N  0793558W  Rimersburg
Concord Church               church    411430N  0792538W  Clarion
Cook Forest Tower            tower     411915N  0791236W  Cooksburg
Cooks Corners                locale    411958N  0791533W  Lucinda
Cooksburg                    pop place 412000N  0791235W  Cooksburg
Cooper Run                   stream    411540N  0792522W  Fryburg
Corsica Furnace              locale    411125N  0791344W  Corsica
Cottage Hill                 pop place 410037N  0792051W  New Bethlehem
Courtleys Run                stream    411120N  0792444W  Clarion
Craggs Run                   stream    410632N  0792742W  Sligo
Crates                       pop place 410638N  0791612W  New Bethlehem
Crooks Run                   stream    411258N  0791406W  Corsica
Cross Roads Grange           building  410055N  0793056W  Rimersburg
Crown                        pop place 412323N  0791616W  Tylersburg
Crown Pumping Station        locale    412333N  0791608W  Tylersburg
Curllsville                  pop place 410555N  0792649W  Sligo
Day                          pop place 411112N  0791554W  Strattanville
Deer Creek                   stream    411018N  0792845W  Clarion
Dehner Cemetery              cemetery  412151N  0792458W  Fryburg
Deltaven Station             locale    411032N  0791336W  Corsica
Diamond                      pop place 410116N  0792859W  Sligo
Dinger School                school     410355N  0791339W  Summerville
Douglass Run                 stream     411307N  0791533W  Strattanville
Dunlap Creek                 stream     410442N  0793942W  Parker
Dutch Hill                   pop place  410354N  0793817W  Parker
Eagle Mine                   locale     410240N  0793535W  Rimersburg
East Brady                   pop place  405909N  0793648W  East Brady
East Brady Elementary School school     405906N  0793648W  East Brady
East Brady Junior-Senior     school     405906N  0793650W  East Brady
 High School
East Brady, Borough of       civil      405853N  0793643W  East Brady
Easton                       pop place  410738N  0793228W  Knox
Elk City                     pop place  411439N  0793007W  Knox
Elk, Township of             civil      411623N  0792808W  Fryburg
Elmo                         pop place  411625N  0793216W  Kossuth
Engle Run                    stream     411810N  0791928W  Lucinda
Fairmont City                pop place  410029N  0791848W  New Bethlehem
Farmington Township School   school     412244N  0791842W  Tylersburg
Farmington, Township of      civil      412300N  0791430W  Marienville West
Fern                         pop place  411757N  0793234W  Kossuth
Fiddlers Run                 stream     410049N  0792846W  Sligo
Fiddlers Run                 stream     410301N  0793702W  Rimersburg
Fisher                       pop place  411559N  0791434W  Cooksburg
Fisher Mine Station          locale     411203N  0791909W  Strattanville
Five Points                  pop place  410718N  0792559W  Sligo
Five Points School           school     410718N  0792558W  Sligo
Fox School                   school     411217N  0791448W  Corsica
Foxburg                      pop place  410835N  0794048W  Emlenton
Foxburg Golf Course          locale     410856N  0794039W  Emlenton
Foxburg, Borough of          civil      410841N  0794053W  Emlenton
Foy Run                      stream     412158N  0792111W  Lucinda
Frampton Post Office         post offic 411003N  0792003W  Strattanville
Frazier School               school     410447N  0791642W  New Bethlehem
Fredell Post Office          post offic 410214N  0793641W  Rimersburg
Frills Corners               pop place  412344N  0792206W  Tylersburg
Frills Run                   stream     412130N  0792143W  Lucinda
Frogtown                     pop place  410639N  0791859W  New Bethlehem
Frostburg                    pop place  410320N  0792312W  Sligo
Fryburg                      pop place  412113N  0792618W  Fryburg
Furnace School               school     411107N  0791340W  Corsica
Gathers Run                  stream     410900N  0792524W  Clarion
Glade Run                    stream     410737N  0791903W  Strattanville
Gold School                  school     412023N  0792019W  Lucinda
Gold School                  school     412023N  0792020W  Lucinda
Grace Church                 church     411558N  0793608W  Kossuth
Gravel Lick                  pop place  411900N  0791431W  Cooksburg
Greenwood Church             church     412251N  0791127W  Marienville West
Gretchen Station             locale     411232N  0792721W  Clarion
Groce Hill                   summit     411219N  0792617W  Clarion
Grolemund Run                stream     412054N  0792139W  Lucinda
Harlan                       pop place  410756N  0791249W  Corsica
Haskill Station              locale     412312N  0791758W  Tylersburg
Hawthorn, Borough of         civil      410116N  0791648W  New Bethlehem
Hawthorne                    pop place  410112N  0791629W  New Bethlehem
Hazel Dell School            school     411309N  0791334W  Corsica
Hefren Run                   stream     412103N  0791334W  Cooksburg
Heidrich Scales Station      locale     410909N  0791254W  Corsica
Heidrich Station             locale     410933N  0791306W  Corsica
Helen Furnace                pop place  411732N  0791843W  Lucinda
Hemlock Island               island     411912N  0791336W  Cooksburg
Henderson                    pop place  411028N  0791637W  Strattanville
Henlen School                school     412128N  0792753W  Fryburg
Henry Run                    stream     411955N  0791732W  Lucinda
Henry Run                    stream     411915N  0791337W  Cooksburg
Henry School (historical)    school     412046N  0791501W  Lucinda
Henry School (historical)    school     412046N  0791500W  Lucinda
Hi Level Golf Course         locale     411750N  0793322W  Kossuth
Highland Township High       school     411517N  0792000W  Lucinda
 School (historical)
Highland, Township of        civil      411538N  0792016W  Lucinda
Himes School (historical)    school     410527N  0791345W  Summerville
Holden                       pop place  411002N  0791321W  Corsica
Howe School                  school     412157N  0791612W  Lucinda
Howe School                  school     412157N  0791611W  Lucinda
Huefner                      pop place  411850N  0792317W  Fryburg
Huefner Spring               spring     411832N  0792352W  Fryburg
Huey                         pop place  410451N  0793030W  Rimersburg
Independence School          school     410515N  0792255W  Sligo
Iron City                    pop place  411534N  0792951W  Fryburg
Jack Run                     stream     410218N  0792301W  Sligo
Jack School                  school     410324N  0792121W  New Bethlehem
Jefferson                    pop place  411211N  0793319W  Knox
Jefferson Station            locale     411209N  0793348W  Knox
Jocelyn Mine (historical)    mine       410458N  0792845W  Sligo
Johnson School (historical)  school     411439N  0791512W  Strattanville
Jones Run                    stream     411243N  0791534W  Strattanville
Judith Run                   stream     411656N  0792907W  Fryburg
Junction Bostonia Branch     locale     405957N  0792050W  Distant
Kahle School                 school     411637N  0792730W  Fryburg
Kahle Tower                  tower      411109N  0793859W  Emlenton
Kerr School                  school     412500N  0792054W  Tylersburg
Keystone Elementary School   school     411416N  0793226W  Knox
Keystone Junior-Senior High  school     411356N  0793151W  Knox
Keystone Mine (historical)   mine       410022N  0792836W  Sligo
Kingsville                   pop place  410754N  0791551W  Strattanville
Kissingers Mill              pop place  410142N  0793353W  Rimersburg
Kline                        pop place  411754N  0793506W  Kossuth
Knox                         pop place  411404N  0793215W  Knox
Knox Spur Station            locale     411409N  0792721W  Clarion
Knox, Borough of             civil      411359N  0793210W  Knox
Knox, Township of            civil      411854N  0792245W  Fryburg
Kossuth                      pop place  411705N  0793427W  Kossuth
Kropps Corners               locale     404700N  0773717W  Spring Mills
Lamartine                    pop place  411321N  0793803W  Emlenton
Larimer School (historical)  school     410841N  0792557W  Clarion
Lauer Run                    stream     411751N  0792344W  Fryburg
Laur School (historical)     school     411826N  0792459W  Fryburg
Lawsonham                    pop place  405946N  0792906W  Templeton
Leatherwood                  pop place  410148N  0792329W  Sligo
Leatherwood Church           church     410344N  0792113W  New Bethlehem
Leatherwood Church           church     410411N  0792222W  New Bethlehem
Leatherwood Creek            stream     405939N  0792321W  Templeton
Leatherwood Station          locale     410009N  0792439W  Sligo
Leeper                       pop place  412213N  0791816W  Lucinda
Leisure Run                  stream     410003N  0791939W  New Bethlehem
Lewis School (historical)    school     411917N  0792939W  Fryburg
Licking Church               church     410606N  0792524W  Sligo
Licking Creek                stream     410744N  0793336W  Knox
Licking Creek                stream     411822N  0792346W  Fryburg
Licking, Township of         civil      410816N  0793314W  Knox
Lickingville                 pop place  412240N  0792207W  Tylersburg
Limestone                    pop place  410743N  0791938W  Strattanville
Limestone Post Office        post offic 410748N  0791930W  Strattanville
Limestone, Township of       civil      410805N  0791613W  Strattanville
Little Coon Run              stream     412547N  0791904W  Tylersburg
Little Deer Creek            stream     411627N  0792833W  Fryburg
Little Hefren Run            stream     412151N  0791421W  Cooksburg
Little Licking Creek         stream     410631N  0792947W  Sligo
Little Mill Creek            stream     411321N  0791503W  Strattanville
Little Paint Creek           stream     411533N  0792546W  Fryburg
Little Piney Creek           stream     410820N  0792108W  Strattanville
Little Toby                  locale     412124N  0791900W  Lucinda
Little Toby Creek            stream     411754N  0792011W  Lucinda
Long Run                     stream     410000N  0792114W  New Bethlehem
Love School                  school     412359N  0791558W  Tylersburg
Lower Hillville              pop place  410128N  0793524W  Rimersburg
Lucinda                      pop place  411830N  0792212W  Lucinda
Lucy, Lake                   lake       412346N  0792320W  Tionesta
Madison School               school     411234N  0792954W  Clarion
Madison, Township of         civil      405910N  0792730W  Templeton
Mahles Run                   stream     411514N  0792639W  Fryburg
Mahles Run                   stream     411821N  0792345W  Fryburg
Males School                 school     410417N  0792452W  Sligo
Manor Church                 church     411310N  0792612W  Clarion
Manor Church                 church     411238N  0792542W  Clarion
Maple Creek                  locale     412519N  0791227W  Marienville West
Maple Grove                  pop place  410148N  0793042W  Rimersburg
Maple Grove School           school     411249N  0791715W  Strattanville
Marble                       pop place  412020N  0792618W  Fryburg
Marianne                     pop place  411447N  0792545W  Clarion
Marie-Eileen Lake            lake       411550N  0793346W  Kossuth
Martins Mill                 locale     410809N  0793722W  Knox
Maxwell Run                  stream     411730N  0791609W  Lucinda
Mayfield Golf Course         locale     411137N  0792250W  Clarion
Mayport                      pop place  410201N  0791506W  New Bethlehem
McAvoy School                school     412515N  0791417W  Marienville West
McCanna Run                  stream     411449N  0791409W  Corsica
McCauley                     pop place  412204N  0792617W  Fryburg
McClays Peak                 summit     410727N  0792718W  Sligo
McGourvey Run                stream     411434N  0791848W  Strattanville
Mechanicsville               pop place  411006N  0792003W  Strattanville
Middle Run                   stream     410033N  0792442W  Sligo
Middle Run                   stream     410038N  0791827W  New Bethlehem
Mill Creek                   stream     411408N  0791917W  Strattanville
Millcreek, Township of       civil      411607N  0791441W  Cooksburg
Miller Run                   stream     410228N  0791415W  Summerville
Millerstown                  pop place  411822N  0792710W  Fryburg
Mineral Run                  stream     410649N  0792958W  Sligo
Miola                        pop place  411507N  0792037W  Lucinda
Miola Cemetery               cemetery   411527N  0792012W  Lucinda
Mongtown                     pop place  411440N  0793219W  Knox
Monroe                       pop place  411139N  0793527W  Knox
Monroe, Township of          civil      410817N  0792410W  Clarion
Monterey                     pop place  410303N  0793950W  Parker
Mount Airy                   pop place  410539N  0793120W  Rimersburg
Mount Joy Church             church     411041N  0793233W  Knox
Myers Hill                   summit     410438N  0792834W  Sligo
Nevin Church                 church     410623N  0791921W  New Bethlehem
New Athens                   pop place  410049N  0793213W  Rimersburg
New Bethlehem                pop place  410006N  0791954W  New Bethlehem
New Bethlehem, Borough of    civil      410014N  0791953W  New Bethlehem
New Mayville Post Office     post offic 410301N  0791521W  New Bethlehem
Newmansville                 pop place  412543N  0792207W  Tylersburg
Nineveh                      pop place  411553N  0793607W  Kossuth
North Clarion High School    school     412340N  0792123W  Tylersburg
North Pine Grove             pop place  412343N  0791320W  Marienville West
Oak Grove Church             church     410224N  0792447W  Sligo
Oak Grove Church             church     410137N  0792549W  Sligo
Oak Hill School              school     410652N  0792029W  New Bethlehem
Old Dutch Cemetery           cemetery   411800N  0793159W  Kossuth
Old Seceder Cemetery         cemetery   411032N  0792037W  Strattanville
Orr Hill School (historical) school     410906N  0791324W  Corsica
Paint Creek                  stream     411408N  0792702W  Clarion
Paint Mills                  pop place  411505N  0792451W  Fryburg
Paint Mills School           school     411609N  0792516W  Fryburg
Paint Mills Station          locale     411508N  0792433W  Fryburg
Paint, Township of           civil      411526N  0792425W  Fryburg
Paradise Cemetery            cemetery   410503N  0791528W  New Bethlehem
Parkers Landing              locale     410608N  0793945W  Parker
Parsons Run                  stream     410722N  0792041W  New Bethlehem
Pendleton Run                stream     411406N  0791406W  Corsica
Perry Chapel Cemetery        cemetery   411740N  0793045W  Kossuth
Perry, Township of           civil      410800N  0793600W  Knox
Perryville                   pop place  410553N  0794001W  Parker
Philipston                   pop place  405827N  0793526W  East Brady
Phipps Cemetery              cemetery   411642N  0793235W  Kossuth
Pilgrimham                   pop place  411401N  0793611W  Knox
Pine City                    pop place  411818N  0793028W  Kossuth
Pine Creek                   stream     410140N  0791547W  New Bethlehem
Pine Grove Church            church     410923N  0792746W  Clarion
Pinegrove School             school     410844N  0791824W  Strattanville
Piney Creek                  stream     411010N  0792825W  Clarion
Piney, Township of           civil      410849N  0792843W  Clarion
Piolett                      pop place  410324N  0792410W  Sligo
Pleasant Hill Chapel         church     410744N  0791335W  Corsica
Poe Run                      stream     410738N  0791710W  Strattanville
Pollock Post Office          post offic 410553N  0794001W  Parker
Porter, Township of          civil      405950N  0792220W  Distant
Printer Run                  stream     412210N  0791343W  Cooksburg
Providence Church            church     411233N  0793001W  Knox
Rader                        pop place  411007N  0791522W  Strattanville
Rapp Run                     stream     411410N  0792303W  Clarion
Rattlesnake Run              stream     412034N  0792158W  Lucinda
Rattlesnake School           school     412128N  0792251W  Fryburg
Red Bank Station             locale     405900N  0793304W  East Brady
Redbank Creek                stream     405855N  0793303W  East Brady
Redbank Furnace              locale     405859N  0793254W  East Brady
Redbank, Township of         civil      410415N  0791609W  New Bethlehem
Redclyffe Church             church     412405N  0790914W  Marienville West
Reed Run                     stream     411336N  0792020W  Strattanville
Rehoboth Church              church     411059N  0791947W  Strattanville
Reids Run                    stream     410851N  0792414W  Clarion
Reidsburg                    pop place  410902N  0792412W  Clarion
Reigle School                school     410323N  0792811W  Sligo
Richland Church              church     411231N  0793855W  Emlenton
Richland Run                 stream     411939N  0792852W  Fryburg
Richland, Township of        civil      411025N  0793818W  Emlenton
Rimersburg                   pop place  410229N  0793012W  Rimersburg
Rimersburg Elementary School school     410220N  0793010W  Rimersburg
Rimersburg Station           locale     410309N  0792940W  Sligo
Rimersburg, Borough of       civil      410234N  0793012W  Rimersburg
Ritts                        locale     411024N  0793519W  Knox
Riverview                    pop place  405923N  0793426W  East Brady
Rock Run                     stream     405922N  0792528W  Templeton
Rockville                    pop place  410226N  0792304W  Sligo
Ross School                  school     411353N  0791133W  Corsica
Saint Charles                pop place  405943N  0792328W  Templeton
Saint Charles Furnace        pop place  410110N  0792317W  Sligo
Saint Eusebius Cemetery      cemetery   405910N  0793557W  East Brady
Saint Josephs Church         church     411840N  0792157W  Lucinda
Saint Josephs School         school     411843N  0792154W  Lucinda
Saint Marks Church           church     411146N  0793526W  Knox
Saint Marks Church           church     411626N  0793337W  Kossuth
Saint Marys School           school     412323N  0791523W  Tylersburg
Saint Michaels School        school     412045N  0792617W  Fryburg
Saint Nicholas Cemetery      cemetery   410630N  0791603W  New Bethlehem
Saint Pauls Church           church     411218N  0793314W  Knox
Saint Petersburg             pop place  410942N  0793911W  Emlenton
Saint Petersburg Elementary  school     410940N  0793904W  Emlenton
Saint Petersburg, Borough of civil      410936N  0793923W  Emlenton
Salem, Township of           civil      411340N  0793636W  Knox
Sandy Hollow                 pop place  410029N  0793303W  Rimersburg
Sarah Furnace                pop place  410029N  0793552W  Rimersburg
Schmader Airport             airport    411700N  0792100W  Lucinda
Scotch Hill                  pop place  411936N  0791556W  Lucinda
Scrub Ridge School           school     410403N  0792620W  Sligo
Shamburg                     pop place  410920N  0792755W  Clarion
Shannon                      locale     405849N  0793017W  East Brady
Shannondale                  pop place  410452N  0791357W  Summerville
Sharpsburg Church            church     410700N  0792335W  Sligo
Shiloh Church                church     411507N  0792033W  Lucinda
Shippenville                 pop place  411501N  0792735W  Fryburg
Shippenville Station         locale     411525N  0792818W  Fryburg
Shippenville, Borough of     civil      411509N  0792752W  Fryburg
Shotts School                school     412357N  0791810W  Tylersburg
Showers Post Office          post offic 411039N  0791730W  Strattanville
Sligo                        pop place  410633N  0792925W  Sligo
Sligo, Borough of            civil      410629N  0792938W  Sligo
Sloan Gap                    gap        410543N  0791955W  New Bethlehem
Sloan Run                    stream     410755N  0792101W  Strattanville
Slocum Spring                spring     411944N  0791410W  Cooksburg
Smithland                    pop place  410113N  0792421W  Sligo
Snively Corners              pop place  411449N  0793714W  Knox
Snydersburg                  pop place  411958N  0792121W  Lucinda
Spaces Corners               pop place  410400N  0791917W  New Bethlehem
Spangler Run                 stream     411449N  0791409W  Corsica
Squirrel Hill                pop place  410219N  0792443W  Sligo
Starr Cemetery               cemetery   411604N  0793523W  Kossuth
State Game Lands Number 283  park       411830N  0791300W  Cooksburg
State Game Lands Number 63   park       411332N  0792721W  Clarion
State Game Lands Number 63   park       411332N  0792721W  Clarion
State Game Lands Number 72   park       411425N  0792236W  Clarion
State Game Lands Number 74   park       411355N  0791729W  Strattanville
Step Creek                   stream     411532N  0792206W  Lucinda
Step Run                     stream     411934N  0792259W  Fryburg
Stone House                  pop place  411125N  0792143W  Strattanville
Stony Run                    stream     411526N  0792610W  Fryburg
Stovers Mill                 pop place  410757N  0793543W  Knox
Strattanville                pop place  411208N  0791940W  Strattanville
Strattanville Tower          tower      411109N  0792048W  Strattanville
Strattanville, Borough of    civil      411204N  0791936W  Strattanville
Strobleton                   pop place  412204N  0792431W  Fryburg
Stroup Run                   stream     411416N  0791714W  Strattanville
Sutton                       pop place  410854N  0791256W  Corsica
Sutton Station               locale     410857N  0791251W  Corsica
Tarkiln Run                  stream     411456N  0792216W  Strattanville
Thompson Hill                summit     411850N  0791458W  Cooksburg
Toby                         pop place  410454N  0793252W  Rimersburg
Toby Creek                   stream     411335N  0792325W  Clarion
Toby, Township of            civil      410422N  0793114W  Rimersburg
Toomey Run                   stream     412205N  0791430W  Cooksburg
Town Run                     stream     410049N  0791804W  New Bethlehem
Trap Run                     stream     411416N  0791821W  Strattanville
Triangle                     locale     411230N  0793436W  Knox
Trinity Church               church     411758N  0793318W  Kossuth
Trout Run                    stream     411208N  0792423W  Clarion
Truittsburg                  pop place  410344N  0791703W  New Bethlehem
Turkey City                  pop place  411107N  0793649W  Knox
Turkey Ridge                 pop place  411930N  0791442W  Cooksburg
Turkey Run                   stream     410912N  0793751W  Emlenton
Turnip Hole                  pop place  410909N  0793522W  Knox
Tylersburg                   pop place  412305N  0791921W  Tylersburg
Tylersburg Station           locale     412213N  0791825W  Lucinda
Union High School            school     410203N  0793003W  Rimersburg
Upper Hillville              pop place  410214N  0793641W  Rimersburg
Venus Cemetery               cemetery   412138N  0792810W  Fryburg
Vowinckel                    pop place  412441N  0791344W  Marienville West
WCUC-FM (Clarion)            tower      411233N  0792243W  Clarion
WWCH-AM (Clarion)            tower      411034N  0792022W  Strattanville
Walley Run                   stream     412555N  0791811W  Tylersburg
Washington Church            church     412344N  0792238W  Tionesta
Washington, Township of      civil      412236N  0792300W  Tionesta
Waterson                     pop place  411038N  0791724W  Strattanville
Watson Run                   stream     411832N  0791527W  Lucinda
Watson School (historical)   school     410445N  0792951W  Sligo
Weiser Run                   stream     411901N  0791924W  Lucinda
Wentlings Corners            pop place  411132N  0793245W  Knox
West Fork Leatherwood Creek  stream     410249N  0792300W  Sligo
West Freedom                 pop place  410626N  0793728W  Rimersburg
West Monterey                pop place  410255N  0793942W  Parker
Whites Run                   stream     411354N  0791903W  Strattanville
Wildcat                      pop place  410131N  0792848W  Sligo
Wildcat Run                  stream     405944N  0792920W  Templeton
Wildcat Run East Fork        stream     410137N  0792849W  Sligo
Williamsburg                 pop place  411046N  0792344W  Clarion
Wilson Mill (historical)     locale     411409N  0792709W  Clarion
Wise School (historical)     school     411839N  0793418W  Kossuth
Wolbert Run                  stream     411902N  0791753W  Lucinda
Wolfert School               school     412015N  0791831W  Lucinda
Wolfs Corners                pop place  412457N  0792315W  Tionesta
Woods Run                    stream     411313N  0791549W  Strattanville
Zagst Hill                   summit     411717N  0791458W  Cooksburg
Zion Hill                    pop place  410822N  0793020W  Knox

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