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About Clarion County

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Centennial Committees

N. E. Heeter, General Chairman, Clarion
R. K. Atchison, Vice-Chairman, Rimersburg
R. R. Whitmer, Treasurer, Clarion

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Executive Committee    Homecoming Committee
Hon. H. M. RimerClarion    W. P. Geary, DirectorClarion
P. C. AndrewsNew Bethlehem    Lewis Collner, Assistant DirectorClarion
Lyle LogueSligo    Margaret CurllClarion
Henry C. FallerFryburg    Lucille WursterFisher
Merritt DavisClarion    Mrs. Lizzie CookLeeper
George M. SeigworthStrattanville    Mrs. Helen Alt BoydLeeper
W. A. WalterLeeper    Maurice SchillLucinda
R. LR. SnyderShippenville    Mrs. George DitzFryburg
R. R. UnderwoodKnox    John Ditz, Jr.Clarion
Lewis CollnerClarion    Bernice MahleShippenville
Dr. B. P. WalkerWest Monterey    Mrs. O. G. MooreKnox
J. H. McClaineEast Brady    Mrs. Harry. PantonFoxburg
William StarkRimersburg    Mrs. Ivan FillmanSt. Petersburg
_______________________   Mrs. Flora DavisCallensburg
Finance Committee   D. R. GraffEmlenton, R. D.
H. M. Hufnagel, Director Clarion   Mrs. Pearl Ellenberger Parkers Landing
Eugene Woods Sligo    Chester RandolphRimersburg
W. M. Moore Clarion    H. A. HartmanRimersburg
G. W. Yohe New Bethlehem    Mrs. Henry MyersCurllsville
Alfred Smith New Bethlehem    Mrs. J. Clyde MillerNew Bethlehem
E. J. Miller Knox    Mrs. Garnet MyersHawthorne
I.. D. Noel Foxburg    John LoveClarion Township, Corsica, R. D.
A. J. Harnack East Brady    Maurice StrattanStrattanville
H. H. Bittenbender Shippenville    Pearl DoughertyClarion
E. H. Howard Rimersburg    _______________________
John Hargenrader Fryburg    Publicity Committee
_______________________   R. LR. Snyder, DirectorShippenville
Administrative Committee    W. H. Berlin, Jr.Knox
H. R. Panton Foxburg    George F. AshbaughSt. Petersburg
Rev. F. Theobald Fryburg    Harry HarveyFoxburg
R. R. Whitmer Clarion    John HargenraderFryburg
Dr. O. G. Latshaw Rimersburg    Florence StrattanStrattanville
Nettie Braden Limestone Township    Claire ElliottSligo
W. W. Stewart Dutch Hill    George O. HeeterRimersburg
Oscar Hepler New Bethlehem    Clem MartinNew Bethlehem
S. L. Pickens East Brady    Ida MarkelEast Brady
Elton Luckhart Tylersburg   Milton Walter Leeper
Mary O. Kirby Fisher   Martha Rose Dutch Hill
Dr. O. G. Moore Knox    Dr. Paul G. Chandler Clarion
H. H. Bittenbender Shippenville    Edward Rimer Clarion
Jay McKee Sligo    Gilbert A. Hoyt Clarion
_______________________    Guy Weaver Kossuth
Pageant Committee   _______________________
Alfred Murphy, DirectorClarion  Religion Committee
Mrs. Nelson StoverEmlenton  Anna Britt, Director Clarion
Mrs. Bird RileyClarion  Rev. J. W. Frazier New Bethlehem
Mrs. Harry StewartWest Monterey  Rev. Arnold Ohl Strattanville
Miss Caroline HeeterNew Bethlehem  Rev. Maurice Salmon Crown
Miss Maxine MillerLeeper  Miss Flora Aaron Summerville
Miss Helen WeaverMarble  Mrs. Clark Craig Rimersburg
Miss Merle ZuckStrobleton  Mrs. Eugene Woods Sligo
Miss Flora JohnstonFoxburg  Miss Mae Myers East Brady
Miss Mina CloverEmlenton  Miss Helen Miller Shippenville
Fred MillerKnox  Mrs. Albert S. Snyder Lucinda
Glenni ClemensonShippenville  Rev. Dewey Yale Clarion
Joe PontzerRimersburg  Rev. E. B. Boyer Knox
Grace StewartClarion  _______________________
Zoe BashlineSligo, R. D.  Lumber Committee
Lurlie AgnewFisher  George F. Whitmer, Director Clarion
Anna B. LillyClarion  Less Carson Clarion
_______________________   Samuel Guiher Strattanville
Oil & Gas Committee   M. T. Rhea Callensburg
George Whitehill, Director Knox   Turney Henry Sligo
Lee Neeley, Assistant Director Knox   Blair Walters Rimersburg
Frank Youkers Shippenville   E. M. Heeter Callensburg
Robert Amsler St. Petersburg   Jack Baker Clarion
Willis Kaber Fern   A. C. Thompson Strattanville
John Metzger Shippenville   Warren Stover Blairs Corners
Edward Hess Fern   _______________________
Perry Wile Clarion   Old Documents Committee
Harry Panton Foxburg   H. C. Craig, Director Rimersburg, R. D.
Curt Thompson Clarion   Jeannett Jardine East Brady
_______________________   Mrs. C. V. Curll Curllsville
Old Pictures Committee   Arthur Neeley Foxburg
Mrs. Harry Strattan Clarion   Ms. Estella Shotts Leeper
Mrs. George R. Berlin     A. C. Berlin Knox
Mrs. John B. Miller Sligo   Mrs. Grant McFarland Callensburg
Mrs. J. C. Craig Rimersburg   Dr. H. A. Wick New Bethlehem
Mrs. Charles Wallace East Brady   John M. Myers Clarion
Mrs. F. L. Harvey Foxburg   Mrs. C. B. Graybill Fisher
Miss Jane Orr Clarion   Mrs. Henry Shoup Strattanville
Mrs. P. C. Andrews New Bethlehem   J. H. Mitchell Knox
Mrs. C. O. Dillenbeck Strattanville   Mrs. Grace Craig Rimersburg
Mrs. Henry Tippery Callensburg   _______________________
_______________________   Concessions Committee
Property & Supplies Committee   F. L. Crooks, Director Clarion
Fred'k J. McDonald, Director Clarion   John Baker Clarion
Glade Stroup Clarion   James Mowry Clarion
Howard M. Johnston Clarion   William Flanagan Clarion
T. D. Stewart Clarion   Lewis Collner Clarion
E. O. Lerch Clarion   James Arner Clarion
Homer Kifer Clarion   _______________________
J. P. Kerr Clarion   Music Committee
G. J. Rice Clarion   R. T. Laing Director Knox
James B. Carlos Summerville, R. D. 2   John E. Carmody Shippenville
Fred Jenkins Clarion   I. N. Huffman Knox
Willis M. McKinley Clarion   Bland Bowman Clarion
J. M. A. Snider Clarion   James Bittenbender East Brady
_______________________   E. H. DeVilder St. Petersburg
Flower Club Committee   Gerald Keefer Leeper
Mrs. Joseph G. MacMillan, Director Shippensville   Louise Felton Keefer Clarion
Mrs. H. M. Rimer Clarion   Robert J. Sausser Sligo
Mrs. M. M. Kaufman Clarion   Donald Graff Clarion
Mrs. Margaret Shippen Black Magee Clarion   Imogene Cummings New Bethlehem
Miss Jane Orr Clarion, R. D.   James O Beveridge Rimersburg
Mrs. C. A. Andrews New Bethlehem   H. C. Craig Rimersburg
Mrs. F. L. Andrews New Bethlehem   _______________________
Mrs. T. T. Andrews New Bethlehem   Education Committee
Mrs. O. A. Stahlman New Bethlehem, R. D.   B. M. Davis, Director Clarion
Mrs. Ruth Hipple East Brady   Oscar Hugus Knox
Mrs. Mary Howard East Brady   Dorothy Whitehill Knox
Mrs. F. L. Ludwick East Brady   Herbert Mills Newsmansville
Mrs. Glenn Kester Foxburg   Dr. H. M. Wellman St. Petersburg
Mrs. Geo. Berlin Knox   Mrs. ClaraBelle Reed Miola
Mrs. H. O. Berlin Knox   Mrs. Margaret Reinsel Strattanville
Mrs. C. M. Hart St. Petersburg   Robert Burnham Corsica
Mrs. J. R. Craig Rimersburg   Lawrence Smith Mayport
Mrs. J. B. Miller Sligo   Mrs. Ray Gourley Sligo
_______________________   Donald Murphy Rimersburg
Lighting Committee   Carl Ramsey Rimersburg
A. R. Newell, Director Clarion   Paul Lobaugh Callensburg
K. B. Schotte, Manager, Kittanning Telephone Company East Brady   Harry Manson Clarion
Robert Horton Foxburg   Miss Rebecca Simpson Leeper
A. L. Barlett Knox   _______________________
A. P. Spiringer, Manager, Pennsylvania Electric Company     Athletic Committee
Finley Bartow St. Petersburg   Transcription Pending  
David Hillard Sligo   _______________________
John Clark Rimersburg   Forest, Fish & Game Committee
William Clark Rimersburg   Transcription Pending  
Ray Doxon, Manager, Bell Telephone Clarion   _______________________
F. M. Owston, West Penn Power Company Clarion   Labor Day Dance Committee
H. H. Drohn, Manager, Leatherwood Telephone Company New Bethlehem   Transcription Pending  
John Shumaker New Bethlehem   _______________________
R. S. Allshouse, Manager, Red Bank Telephone Company New Bethlehem   Contest Committee
R. M. Allen Clarion   Transcription Pending  
Fred L. McFadden Clarion   _______________________
Francis Zacheral Clarion   Hospitality Committee
David Roberts East Brady   Transcription Pending  
Clarence Siehl Huey   _______________________
Edward Creevy, Jr. Clarion   Editorial Committee
T. R. Morgan, Sr. New Bethlehem   Transcription Pending  
John Bartlett Knox   _______________________
_______________________   Coronation Ball Committee
Historical Committee   Transcription Pending  
Hon. Theopholis L. Wilson, Director Clarion   _______________________
Chas. E. Andrews, Jr. New Bethlehem   Agricultural Committee
William C. Orr Clarion, R. D.   F. K. Miller, Director Clarion
Maurice Strattan Strattanville   Glen Kester Foxburg
Dr. Hilton Wick New Bethlehem   Paul Gruber Shippenville
Mrs. Howard Panton Foxburg   Lee Neely Knox
Walter C. Beatty Knox   A. A. Deitz Fryburg
Bert Craig Limestone   J. M. Schmader Lucinda
Henry Hufnagel Clarion   S. A. Hindman Fisher
Margaret Shippen Black Magee Clarion   C. A. McCauley New Bethlehem
J. D. McKinney Sligo   _______________________
Chas. M. Wallace East Brady   Agricultural Committee Continued
_______________________   Transcription Pending  
Parade Committee    
Dr. Harry Stahlman, Director Clarion    
Clyde Russell Clarion      
Wayne Whisner Clarion    
Osmond Kerr Summerville, R. D.    
Rouloff Clover Strattanville      
Jay Wolff Clarion    
Edward Creevy Clarion    
J. C. Fritz Rimersburg      
Frank McLaine Miola    
Frank Frill Newmansville    
Wade Jeanneratte Shippenville      
L. S. P. Heeter Emlenton    
Grant McFarland Parkers Landing    
Frank Logue Parkers Landing      
Guy McCall Rimersburg, R. D.      
Carl Starr Clarion      
Ford Wilson East Brady      
Homer Myers Sligo      
Aaron H. Hutchison New Bethlehem      
Bird Riley Clarion      
Harry Graybill Fisher