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About Clarion County

The following information is from a description of his autobiography:

The WWF Superstar who was an Olympic Gold Medalist and, later, a holder of the world championship belt -- after having defeated Steve Austin.

Kurt Angle's life has been an epic journey.  Growing up in a large family in Pennsylvania, Angle followed in the footsteps of his four older brothers when he decided to pursue wrestling.  His discipline and hard work were soon rewarded:  He won the Junior National Freestyle Championship and went on to become the Wrestler of the Year at Clarion College.  In 1996, with many prestigious wrestling honors to his credit, Angle set his sights on a new goal:  an Olympic gold medal.  Months of grueling training paid off in the most spectacular way when Angle returned from Atlanta with a gold medal around his neck and renewed determination in his heart.

He was just getting started. Angle soon joined the ranks of the World Wrestling Federation and quickly became a main event performer, taunting the crowds with his trademark "three I's":  Integrity, Intelligence, and Intensity.  These are all qualities that he really possesses, but his character does not always display them in the ring.  Through his high-profile matches with some of the biggest names in the business, Angle is now one of the most infamous "heels" in the World Wrestling Federation -- and he loves every minute of it.  He has won -- and lost -- the Intercontinental belt and the World title, and he continues to rile crowds and accelerate heart rates every time he steps into the ring.  Kurt Angle is living proof that with hard work and determination anyone can fulfill their dreams.

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