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Research Aids

This listing was compiled from various sources.  Amendments are always welcome.

You may submit a veteran's service details and other biographical information by clicking on the Submit Your Data link in the menu at left.

Aaron, Conrad
Allison, Robert
Ashbaugh, Jacob
Baker, Hugh
Baughman, Lawrence
Best, Michael
Bidler, Abraham
Black, Levi
Bradley, Austin
Burnham, Charles C.
Callen, Hugh
Camp, John
Campbell, John
Clark, B. B.
Clark, Charles
Cope, Joel
Crow, William
Dugan, Josiah
Eaton, James
Elliott, John
Forringer, Dewalt
Fry, Samuel
Gilbert, M.
Gold, John
Guthrie, John
Guthrie, Alexander
Hawk, Michael
Heller, Jeremiah
Henlen, Christian
Holben, John
Hosey, Matthew
Hulings, Marcus
Jones, John
Kapp, George
Kaster, Philip
Keely, Daniel
Keister, Daniel
Lancaster, William
Latshaw, Peter
Logue, James
Long, Daniel
Lorah, Peter
McCray, Alexander
McKillip, Matthew
McNutt, Robert
McQuinte, Patrick
Meredith, Thomas
Miller, Bernard
Miller, Christ C.
Miller, John
Mimm, Jonathan
Neely, Henry
Potter, James
Reed, John
Rhea, Joshua
Rice, Paul
Rickard, John
Rollard, Nicholas
Russell, John
Seigworth, John
Shick, Tobias
Shoup, John
Silvis, Daniel
Silvis, Conrad
Smith, James C.
Stanford, Henry
Thompson, Samuel
Thompson, Thomas
Tippery, Abraham
Townley, William
Troutman, John
Wensel, Jacob
West, Hugh
Wilson, William
Wilson, George
Wilson, John
Wison, Lewis
Zink, Samuel
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