Now known as New Rehoboth-Greenville Presbyterian Church, the building is located at 1419 Rehoboth Church Road, near the city of Clarion.

New Rehoboth was organized in 1802 and was the first church erected in Clarion County (in 1808).  This building was erected in 1893.

This is an excellent example of a structure built from mail-order church plan #140 by Benjamin D. Price, as depicted in this page from one of Price's catalogues.  This information and the image below were submitted by Richard J. Cawthorn and are used with his permission.

New Rehoboth Church from Price's Catalogue
New Rehoboth Church from Price's Catalogue

The plan of the New Rehoboth Church is reversed from that is shown in the catalog.  The view of the building on the postcard below is looking at the side of the building, rather than the front.

New Rehoboth Presbyterian Church
New Rehoboth Presbyterian Church About 1940, from a postcard