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The following notes were compiled by this site's Webmistress from various sources.

St. Paul's Lutheran ChurchThe present St. Paul's Lutheran Church was built on two acres of land, donated by Henry Best, in Beaver Township.  The first church serving the two St. Paul's congregations was presumably erected in 1813 and of log construction.  In 1825, the population increased, and a larger frame building was constructed.  The two St. Paul's congregations continued to grow, and a new stone church was built and dedicated in 1859.  This stone church served the two congregations satisfactorily until September 17, 1904, when it was decided that each congregation should build its own church.  The old church was torn down after each congregation had its own building completed.  The Lutherans bought the bell and placed it in the tower of their new church and recovered enough stone to construct the existing bulletin board.  The church was completed in 1905 at a cost of $17,000.  On August 1, 1956, fire destroyed everything except the walls of the church.  The present stone church was reconstructed at an approximate cost of $100,000.  [The foregoing paragraph was taken from a local calendar, published circa 1989.]

The Lutheran Church in St. Petersburg was organized by members who broke away from St. Paul's.

The churches' history and abstracts from early registers were published in 1961 in the book Historical Sketch of St. Paul's Churches, Beaver Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, by Raymond E. Hollenbach and John B. Dengler.  The book is hard to find, but copies exist in some research libraries in Pennsylvania.  The Web mistress of this site has acquired a copy of the 1961 volume and hopes to index it and present it here in the future.

A limited map to burials in the cemetery at St. Paul's exists. Contact the church for details.

We are hoping to get the early St. Paul's baptismal and burial records transcribed for this Web site.

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