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Originally published in the Western PA Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 22, No. 3 (Winter 1996), pg. 29.  No copyright infringement intended.

When Judge Peters sold his tract of land in what is now St. Petersburg Borough, Richland Township, Clarion County, he gave a portion of it to the German Reformed and Lutheran congregations for the sum of one dollar.  The graveyard was included in this tract.  St. Peter's Church was organized by the Rev. George Henry Koch on 1 Mar 1834.  On the 25th day of the same month, the property was deeded by Richard Peters, Esq., of Philadelphia to the joint board of trustees of the German Presbyterian Church and the Lutheran Church.  The deed was made to the Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches of St. Petersburg - John Snyder and Daniel Eschbaugh, Jr., Presbyterian trustees; and Samuel Shirey and Henry Witling, Lutheran trustees.

The cornerstone of the first building was laid in May of 1837, built jointly by both congregations at a cost of $1003.00.  The pastorate of George Henry Koch ended with his death in 1845.  His successor was Rev. Henry Hoffman, who served the congregation from 1846-1855.  During his pastorate the Reformed congregation disposed of their interest in the building and erected a new one for their own use.  It was a stone structure, which cost $1212.00.  Rev. L. D. Leberman succeeded Rev. Hoffman and served the congregation from 1856-1858; the Rev. J. S. Shade served 1858-1865; Rev. D. O. Shoemaker / Shumaker served 1865-1873; Rev. D. W. Wolf served from 1873 until his death in 1876; Rev. W. C. B. Shulenberger / Shallenbarger served 1876-1883.  During this pastorate, the brick ediface was constructed; the cornerstone being laid 4 July 1876, the church was dedicated Nov. 1877.  The cost was $20,000.

In March 1885 Rev. Samuel Z. Beam became pastor, and he served until Nov. 4, 1888.  The congregation had no pastor for about two years, then Rev. Simon S. Miller arrived and served from 1 Oct 1890 until 30 Apr 1895.

The article from which this material was taken was probably written about 1965; no compiler is listed.  A copy is held at the State Library of Pennsylvania, in the State & Local History Room, Clarion County Church Records Volume 1.  The church was officially closed Dec. 29, 1974 (no source).

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