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A list of cemeteries organized alphabetically by cemetery name is also on this Web site.  Approximately 50 of these cemeteries have been transcribed. Transcriptions are at the Clarion County Historical Society Library.  Entries in the ID column below are the CCHS transcription project's identifying numbers.  On-line transcriptions are identified on the main Cemetery Information page on this Web site.

In 1998, CCHS began a comprehensive project to transcribe all existing cemetery markers (tombstones) in the county.  The index will include name, birth date, death date, cemetery location, and other information (family relationship, age, military service).  The project is on-going.  It may be published; a $4,000 gift toward publishing costs was given by Helen O. and Ruth Nelson Craig in tribute to their grandparents, Robert Nelson and Margaret (Fackender) Craig.

Charles Reeves' map of Clarion County Cemeteries and Churches, which is viewable at his site Reeves Maps and selecting map number 049.

ID Cemetery Name Township
ASH01 Ashland Ashland
  Ashland E. U. B. Ashland
ASH03 Berlin (Phipps) Ashland
ASH06 Fern (Trinity Evangelical) Ashland
ASH02 Friedrichs (Lieberum; Old German Lutheran; German Reformed; Old Dutch) -- Kossuth Ashland
ASH02 German Reformed (Old Dutch; Friedrichs; Old German Lutheran; Lieberum) -- Kossuth Ashland
ASH05 Grace Evangelical (Starr) -- Ninevah, Valley Ashland
  Holy Trinity Lutheran Ashland
ASH04 Kossuth (St. Mark's Lutheran) Ashland
ASH02 Lieberum (Friedrichs; Old German Lutheran; German Reformed; Old Dutch) Ashland
ASH05 Ninevah (Starr; Grace Evangelical, Valley) Ashland
ASH02 Old German Lutheran (Friedrichs; Lieberum; German Reformed; Old Dutch) -- Kossuth Ashland
ASH02 Old Dutch (Friedrichs; Old German Lutheran; German Reformed; Lieberum) -- Kossuth Ashland
  Perry Chapel -- Kossuth (actually Pine City, Elk Twp.?) Ashland
ASH03 Phipps (Berlin) Ashland
ASH04 St. Mark's Lutheran -- Kossuth Ashland
ASH05 Starr (Grace Evangelical) -- Ninevah, Valley Ashland
ASH06 Trinity Evangelical (Fern) Ashland
ASH05 Valley (Starr; Grace Evangelical) -- Ninevah Ashland
  Beaver City Beaver
BEA01 Blair's -- Blair's Corners Beaver
BEA02 Emanuel Lutheran (Kribbs) Beaver
BEA03 Jefferson Station Beaver
BEA02 Kribbs (Emanuel Lutheran) Beaver
BEA04 McElhattan private Beaver
BEA08 Monroe (St. Mark) Beaver
BEA05 Mt. Joy Beaver
BEA06 Olson private Beaver
BEA07 Providence Beaver
BEA09 St. Paul's Union Lutheran -- Wentling's Corners Beaver
BEA08 St. Mark (Monroe) Beaver
BEA10 Unknown Beaver
BEA09 Wentling's Corners -- St. Paul's Union Lutheran Beaver
  Brady's Bend -- Armstrong Co. Brady
  Helper's Family -- Armstrong Co. Brady
  Narrows Brady
BRA01 Phillipston Brady
BRA02 St. Eusebius -- East Brady Brady
CABO01 Callensburg (Old; Presbyterian) Callensburg Borough
LIC01 Callensburg Methodist -- most of cemetery is in Licking Township Callensburg Borough
CLA01 Asbury Methodist -- Strattanville Clarion
  Calvary -- Strattanville Clarion
  Catholic (Immaculate Conception) Clarion
  Clarion Baptist -- Strattanville? Clarion
  Clarion Methodist Clarion
CLA03 Clarion Protestant Clarion
CLA02 Cedarview Memorial Park -- Strattanville Clarion
CLA03 Clarion Protestant Clarion
CLA04 Henderson Family private Clarion
CLA05 Immaculate Conception (Catholic) Clarion
CLA11 Mt. Pleasant -- at Corsica, Jefferson County Clarion
CLA06 New Rehobeth Presbyterian Clarion
CLA07 Old Rehoboth (Presbyterian; Seceder Presbyterian; Seceder Pioneer) Clarion
CLA07 Presbyterian (Old Rehoboth; Seceder Presbyterian; Seceder Pioneer) Clarion
CLA03 Protestant -- Clarion Clarion
  Seceder (Old Seceder) Clarion
CLA07 Seceder Pioneer (Old Rehoboth; Presbyterian; Seceder Presbyterian) Clarion
CLA07 Seceder Presbyterian (Old Rehoboth; Presbyterian; Seceder Pioneer) Clarion
  Emanuel Lutheran -- Shippenville Elk
ELK05 Freidrich / Wedeking Elk
ELK01 Knight -- off Pine City Elk
ELK02 Mary Ann Furnace Elk
  Mt. Pleasant -- Shippenville Elk
ELK03 Perry Chapel -- Pine City Elk
ELK04 Pleasant Hills -- Shippenville Elk
ELK06 Unknown Elk
ELK05 Wedeking / Friedrich Elk
FAR01 Allio (Hill) Farmington
FAR05 Crown -- St. Mary's Farmington
FAR02 Greenwood -- N. Pine Grove Farmington
FAR03 Hagen (Shott) -- Tylersburg Farmington
FAR01 Hill (Allio) Farmington
FAR07 Methodist / Presbyterian -- Tylersburg Farmington
FAR07 Presbyterian / Methodist -- Tylersburg Farmington
FAR04 Scotch Hill (Union) Farmington
FAR03 Shott (Hagen) -- Tylersburg Farmington
FAR05 St. Mary's -- Crown Farmington
FAR06 Steiner Farmington
FAR03 Tylersburg (Hagen; Shott) Farmington
FAR07 Tylersburg Methodist / Presbyterian Farmington
FOBO01 Foxburg Foxburg Borough
HABO01 Hawthorn (Millville) Hawthorn Borough
HABO01 Millville -- Hawthorn Hawthorn Borough
HIG01 Helen Furnace Highland
HIG02 Miola (Shiloh; Presbyterian) Highland
HIG02 Presbyterian (Shiloh) -- Miola Highland
HIG02 Shiloh (Presbyterian) -- Miola Highland
  Bass Lake Knox Borough
KNBO01 Knox Union Knox Borough
  Center Hill Knox
  Miola -- Lucinda Knox
KNO01 St. Joseph's -- Lucinda Knox
KNO02 Walter's Lutheran -- Lucinda Knox
LIC02 Best (Loop; St. John's) -- on Ritts Farm Rd. Licking
  Callensburg (New; Presbyterian) Licking
  Callensburg Presbyterian (Old & New) Licking
  Gardners private -- on Callensburg-Blair's Corners Road (T840) Licking
LIC01 Callensburg Methodist -- part of cemetery is in Clarion Borough Licking
LIC02 Loop (St. John's; Best) -- on Ritts Farm Rd. Licking
  Methodist -- across from Mt. Zion Lutheran Licking
LIC03 Mt. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Licking
  Mt. Pleasant Methodist -- on Piney Twp. Line Licking
LIC02 St. John's (Loop; Best) -- on Ritts Farm Rd. Licking
LIM01 Coleman / Downs Limestone
LIM02 Crates (St. Nicholas of Polentino) Limestone
LIM04 Crossroads (Kingsville; Mt. Calvary) -- Limestone Limestone
LIM01 Downs / Coleman Limestone
LIM05 Frogtown / Salem (Nevin Memorial) Limestone
  Greenville -- Limestone Limestone
LIM04 Kingsville (Mt. Calvary; Crossroads) -- Limestone Limestone
LIM03 Limestone Memorial -- Greenville Limestone
LIM04 Mt. Calvary (Cross Roads; Kingsville) -- Limestone Limestone
LIM05 Nevin Memorial -- Frogtown / Salem Limestone
LIM05 Salem / Frogtown (Nevin Memorial) Limestone
LIM02 St. Nicholas of Polentino -- Crates Limestone
MAD02 Conneration (Mt. Hope) -- east of Hillville, near Toby Twp. line Madison
MAD01 Lawsonham Madison
MAD02 Mt. Hope (Conneration) -- east of Hillville, near Toby Twp. line Madison
MAD03 New Athens (Randolph) Madison
MAD04 Old Seceder Madison
MAD03 Randolph -- New Athens Madison
MAD05 Sarah Furnace Madison
MIL01 Episcopalian (Fisher Methodist) Mill Creek
MIL01 Fisher Methodist (Episcopalian) Mill Creek
MIL02 Fisher Presbyterian Mill Creek
MON03 Cathers / Longwell Monroe
MON07 Churchville Reformed Monroe
MON04 Churchville (Lutheran Reformed) Monroe
MON06 First Baptist (Showers) Monroe
MON01 Hindman - Wilson Family private Monroe
MON02 Licking Presbyterian Monroe
MON03 Longwell / Cathers Monroe
MON04 Lutheran Reformed -- Churchville Monroe
MON05 Reidsburg (Zion Baptist) Monroe
MON06 Showers (First Baptist) Monroe
MON01 Wilson - Hindman Family Monroe
MON05 Zion Baptist -- Reidsburg Monroe
NEBO02 Evangelical (Middle Run) -- Hog Hollow New Bethlehem Borough
NEBO02 Hog Hollow (Evangelical; Middle Run) New Bethlehem Borough
NEBO02 Middle Run (Evangelical) -- Hog Hollow New Bethlehem Borough
NEBO01 New Bethlehem (old graves; pre-1906) New Bethlehem Borough
PAI01 Manor Paint
PER01 Concord (Concord Church) Perry
PER02 Dutch Hill (Mt. Calvary) Perry
PER03 Matildaville -- near West Freedom (contains veterans) Perry
PER02 Mt. Calvary (Dutch Hill) Perry
  Old Concord Perry
PER04 Perryville Perry
PER05 Snyder Perry
PER07 West Monterey Perry
PER06 West Freedom (contains veterans) Perry
PIN01 Cottage Hill (Grandview - County Home) -- Sligo Piney
PIN01 County Home (Grandview; Cottage Hill) -- Sligo Piney
  Curllsville (Lutheran) Piney
PIN02 Curllsville (Methodist Episcopal) (Old Curllsville Methodist) Piney
PIN03 Finefrock (Graveyard Hill) Piney
PIN01 Grandview (County Home; Cottage Hill) -- Sligo Piney
PIN03 Graveyard Hill (Finefrock) Piney
  Lutheran -- Curllsville Piney
PIN04 Means Family private Piney
PIN02 Methodist Episcopal -- Curllsville (Old Curllsville Methodist) Piney
PIN08 Mt. Zion Lutheran Piney
PIN05 Mt. Pleasant Methodist -- in Licking Twp. Piney
PIN02 Old Curllsville Methodist (Methodist Episcopal) -- Curllsville Piney
PIN06 Pine Grove -- Shamburg Piney
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