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Transcribed from newspaper articles by Karen S. Golden Rogers, 1997.  The cemetery is located along PA Highway 66.

Margaret Clover d. 01 Feb 1846
John M. McCormick d. 04 Jul 1810
Walker, no first name d. 25 Oct 1815
Corbett, Theodore d. 04 Feb 1837
McGarrah, Rt. Alexander d. 26 Jun 1825
McGarrah, Elenor d. 06 Jan 1827
McGarrah, Huldah d. 1826
McGarrah, Twins Joseph & Elenor d. 29 Feb 1823
Maffett, Nancy E. d. 03 May 18__
Guthrie, Jane d. 23 Sep 1839
Potter, Robert E. d. 14 May 1834
Potter, Eli d. 30 Jun 1832
Potter, Adam d. 20 Jan 1834
Potter, Lebrum H. d. 12 Aug 1843
Potter, James M. d. 20 Feb 1836
Gibson, William d. 20 Feb 1836
Gibson, Margaret d. 21 Oct 1784
Williams, Joseph d. 02 Feb 1850
Potter, James d. 14 Feb 1855
Potter, Mary d. 03 Oct 1812
Wilson, Sarah d. 25 Mar 1823
Wilson, Robert d. 21 May 1822
Clover, Frances d. 07 Aug 1842
Clover, Catherine d. 12 Apr 8123
Clover, Frances, first wife of Rev. Clover d. 28 Dec 1827
Clover, Hiram d. 21 Mar 1878
Clover, Isabelle Cathcart, second wife of Rev. Phillip Clover d. 18 Sep 1886
Port, John Q. d. 06 Jul 1851
Port, Ann d. 09 Mar 1842
Port, Lavellon d. 01 Dec 1851
Whiteman, Smith d. 17 Dec 1923 (this is the last person buried in the Old Seceder Cem.)
Jones, John d. 24 Dec 1858
Jones, Rebecca d. 20 Mar 1831
Jones, Catherine d. 14 Sep 1851
Jones, Peter d. 12 May 1829
Maxwell, Robert d. 17 Mar 1877
Maxwell, Ann d. 15 Jul 1859
Dunlap, Margaret d. 20 Apr 1817
Corbett, John C. d. 30 Mar 1853
Corbett, Sarah d. 25 Nov 1828
Corbett, William d. 13 May 1831
McCormick, Joseph N. d. 07 Dec 1840
McCormick, Amantha d. 03 Jul 1840
Wilson, John (no dates listed)
Roll, John, Jr. d. 15 Jan 1816
George, Samuel d. 10 Aug 1884
Guthrie, John M. (no date on stone)
McConnell, Adam d. 21 Jun 1842
Williams, Mark d. 05 Jun 1849
Cochran, Mary & Elvira d. 17 Nov 1842
Cochran, Catherine d. 26 Sep 1885
Cochran, J.M. d. 1865
Cochran, Joseph d. 19 Nov 1871
Speer, James d. 22 Jan 1873
Speer, Sarah d. 02 Feb 1892
Speer, James (no date of death)
Speer, George & Samuel (no date of deaths)
Kady, Samuel d. 12 Nov 1854
Mitchell, Margaret d. 11 Oct 1856
Mitchell, Elizabeth consort of William Mitchell d. 25 Apr 1827
Mitchell, W.C. d. 13 Oct 1851
Clover, Rev. Phillip d. 12 Apr 1888
Wilson, Nancy, infant daughter of Samuel & Jean Love Wilson who left Ardstraw, County Tryone, Ireland, in the year 1798 to accompany her parents to the USA, died and was buried at sea at the age of four years.

In some information about the church and Seceder information from this article, it states that James McFadin Clover, infant son of Philip & Sarah Roll Clover was christened "Paul," and the child and parents are buried in Seceder cemetery.  Judge Peter Clover was born in the Brush Run settlement in 1804.

The oldest stone in the cemetery is that of Mary, wife of James Potter, who died 04 Oct 1812 at age of 45 years.  It is well known that there were earlier burials; however, no markers were placed at the burial plots.

From Carol-Jeanne Turk

I have been to Seceder Cemetery many times over the last 30+ years.  I remember my brother and I tramped through the woods near the entrance (I think) and tripped over some headstones near a stream.  Some had fallen over, and others were sinking in the soft, moist ground.  I have searched for this part of the cemetery and have been unsuccessful in locating it again.  It was to the left before going up the steep hill.  I recall going along a very narrow and over-grown path through the woods, and the land opened up into a small, weedy area.  The gravestones were to the far right end of the opening.  Does this sound vaguely familiar to anyone?  Has this area been searched for more, earlier headstones?  I haven't been able to do this myself.  I am not as agile as I used to be and would not be able to traipse through the woods like I did in my early twenties.  Most of the people buried there were ancestors of mine:  Clover, Cochran, Corbett.  Carol-Jeanne Turk, P. O. Box 704, Oakhurst, NJ  07755-0704.
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