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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has eliminated nearly all grant funding to historical societies, museums, and arts institutions.

Clarion County has dropped grant funding to the Clarion County Historical Society.

In a recent letter to members, CCHS wrote the following "Official Statement":

The Clarion County Historical Society is disappointed in the Commissioners' decision to drop their 2010 grant support of the Society.

The Sutton-Ditz House Museum and Library were paid for by generous donations from residents and natives of Clarion County. In addition, the Society's vast and ever-growing collections of artifacts, historical records, and books are donated by caring citizens for preservation, exhibition, and education. Researchers from all over the US visit Clarion County to utilize our library and archives and visit our museum.

Our dedicated volunteers work countless hours to preserve and archive our resources and provide educational programs, exhibits, and events to the public. All of this is done through membership dues, fundraisers, in kind goods and services and grants, as mandated by our 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

During the fundraising for the museum in 1975, a pledge of $3,000 to $6,000 per year of ongoing support was made by the County of Clarion to the Society. That equates to $10,000 to $20,000 in today's dollars. In 2009, we received $3,000 from our county.

We are aware of, and sensitive to, the financial situation of our present economy, but the fact that we are receiving Zero (0) from our County Commissioners, and not even a token amount in 2010, tells us that our elected officials have little or no regard for the history and heritage of our county.

If you can help -- either through membership or cash donations -- please consider supporting CCHS. Click here to visit CCHS on-line (opens a new browser window).

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