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From History of Clarion Co., Pennsylvania, edited by A. J. Davis, 1887.

Patrons of Husbandry

The first grange in Clarion county was organized in 1874.  In less than four years there were twelve subordinate granges and a Pomona, or county grange, within this county; the number of members was about six hundred.  In 1879 the patrons organized a mutual fire insurance company, insuring only farm property.

This order has taught the farmers to reduce expenses, both individual and corporate, to buy less and produce more, to sell less in bushels and more on hoof, to discountenance the credit and mortgage systems, to avoid litigation, and politically, to let the office seek the man, and not the man the office.

Masonic Lodges

Clarion Lodge, instituted in 1853; Canby Lodge, St. Petersburg; Edenburg Lodge, New Bethlehem Lodge.  The district deputies were R. L. Brown, Robert Thorn, C. L. Lamberton, W. W. Barr, M. M. Meredith, and William B. Meredith.

I. O. O. F.

Clarion Lodge, instituted in 1847; Sligo Lodge first organized at Curllsville as Hobah Lodge; Iron County Lodge, at Rimersburg; Ming Lodge, at Strattanville; West Freedom Lodge, New Bethlehem Lodge, East Brady Lodge, Fox Lodge, at Foxburg; Yokohama Lodge, at Lickingville; Callensburgh Lodge, Blair's Corners Lodge, Allegheny Valley Lodge, at West Monterey; Elk City Lodge, Knox Lodge, at Edenburg; and West Millville Lodge; there is one encampment - Clarion, No. 9; Oil Dorado Lodge, at Perryville, and Shippenville Lodge are defunct.  The district deputy grand masters were Enoch Alberson, John L. Sample, R. Ruloffson (fifteen years), Charles Kaufman, J. E. Wood (seven years).

Grand Army of the Republic

There are thirteen posts in the county, viz.:  "Colonel George Covode," No. 112, Edenburg; "Captain J. B. Loomis," No. 205, Clarion, "Captain Thompson Core," No. 239, Porter township; "Foxburg," No. 249, Foxburg; "Colonel William Lemon," No. 260, New Bethlehem; "E. D. Sharp," No. 267, Rimersburg; Thomas M. Sedwick," No. 294, East Brady; "Adjutant John E. Myers," No. 386, Sligo; "Major Henry Wetter," No. 391, Strattanville; "Lookout," No. 425, St. Petersburg; "Amos Kiser," No. 475, Shippenville; "Captain Charles E. Patton," No. 532, Greenville; "John C. Pollock," No. 278, West Freedom.  The last named post takes the number of "Lucas" Post, Snow Shoe, Centre county, which is defunct.  There are about four hundred members of the G. A. R. in Clarion county.

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