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From History of Clarion Co., Pennsylvania, edited by A. J. Davis, 1887.
Name Page
Andrews, Charles E. 642
Arnold, Frank M. 650
Arnold, George W. 632
Arnold, Manasseh 661
Barr, Hon. W. W. 657
Berlin, George N. 648
Black, Jacob 659
Bowman, David 653
Campbell, Hon. James 631
Collner, W. F. 658
Craig, Colonel C. A. 655
Cresswell, Dr. John 648
Davis, A. J. 647
Eaker, Philip K. 644
Fox, J. M. 635
Fox, S. M. 635
Fox, William L. 635
Hess, M. E. 639
Kahle, Hon. John W. 643
Kaufman, Charles 633
Keating, John 662
Klingensmith, John 660
Knox, Hon. James B. 638
Lowry, Samuel 634
Payne, T. J. 653
Reynolds, David 654
Ritts, Elias 637
Ritts, John V. 651
Ross, J. Frank, M. D. 649
Rulofson, R. 641
Shanafelt, William 645
Siegwarth, A. L. 650
Sloan, William C. 642
Strattan, John R. 663
Sweny, James 664
Wilson, Hon. J. H. 662
Yeany, John 663
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