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Extracts from Democrat 1877-1881
Arblaster, George W.
Arblaster, Sarah (Rader)
Best, Anna Eliza
Collner, Sarah
Exley, Jacob
Foringer, Mary Luella Hamm
Foringer, Randas
Fry, Mary
Garis, Carlton S.
Garis, William
Graff, Daniel R.
Miller, Arthur M.
Miller, Claire M.
Raybuck, Claude
Raybuck, John
Raybuck, Jonas
Raybuck, Mary U.
Sample, Bonnie Beryl (Shahan)
Schill, Eulalla
Shaffer, Charles Edwin
Shaffer, Frank
Shaffer, Robert E.
Shannon, Patrick Thomas
Shay, Laura M.
Sherman, Susan Charlotte (Null)
Sherry, Sos
Shick, Carl Stanley
Schick, Mary Alda (Wampier)
Shields, John Craig
Shilling, Calvin W.
Shilling, Nola K. (Slagle)
Shindledecker, Catharine (Rader)
Shirey, Clair
Shively, Dr. William G.
Shoemaker, Laura Etta
Shoemaker Ora
Shook, Mary Etta (Shoemaker)
Shorts, Clyde A.
Shorts, Mabel L. (Master)
Shoup, Elvira (Ferringer)
Shrum, David H.
Sigworth, Myrtle (Morrison)
Siverling, James
Siverling, Lucinda (Watkins)
Silvis, Edward
Silvis, John R.
Simpson, Christine
Simpson, Darrel Ray
Simpson, Edith Elsie
Simpson, Elijah Lincoln
Simpson, Howard Samuel
Simpson, Jacob Calvin
Simpson, James H.
Simpson, John A.
Simpson, Mildred E.
Simpson, Seth
Simpson, Samuel Blair
Slagle, Catherine M.
Slagle, Christina
Slagle, John H.
Slaugenhaupt, Bert Clinton
Slaugenhoup, Amanda (Womeldorf)
Slaugenhoup, Nettie Belle (Armagost)
Sloan, Rose G.
Sloughfy, Charles B.
Smathers, Jennie
Smith, Charles Haskell
Smith, Laura M.
Smith, Snowie Frances
Snyder, George Curtis
Space, Ina Luella (Hilliard)
Stover, Col. George W.
Stover, Samuel
Terwilliger, Donald T.
Terwilliger, Eli Tilden
Terwilliger, Hazel Irene Wilson
Terwilliger, Laura Belle Faust
Whitmore, Bennie Alonzo
Wilson, Charles William
Wilson, Verda E. Edinger
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