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Clarion Countians Listed in Early History of Western Pennsylvania and of the West and of Western Expeditions and Campaigns, from 1754-1833
Transcribed by Jean S. Morris and published in the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 7, No. 4 (May 1981), pg.139.  No copyright infringement intended by posting the names here.
Isaac C. Arnaggust (Armagost)
William T. Alexander
John Amsler
Wm. B. Ardry
John Armer
Robert Armstrong
Silas Aulton
Daniel Barger
Philip Barger
John Baring
Solomon Baring
Jacob Barlet
Henry Barr
Samuel B. Barr
John W. Barrick
Peter Beal
S. D. Beals
James Beatty
Miles Beaty
George Beer
Jesse Beer
R. B. Bell
Hinton Benton
Daniel Best
Peter Best
Abraham Bisher
Daniel Black
Simon Black
William Black
David Bolhell
Joseph Bousen
Daniel Boyles
James Boyles
William R. Boyles
Carnant Brenard
David Brenard
George Brisbin
Peter Bruch
J. Bruner
James Burnes
Henry Butler
Jesse G. Butler
William Buzard
John Calderwood
Archibald Canada
James Carson
John Cartwright
W. F. Cartwrite
Patrick F. Cary
Wm. Chambers
John Chang
Samuel Clark
John Clinger
John Clinton
John Clover
David C. Cochran
Jesse Cochran
Stephen Cochran
Thomas Coleman
Patrick Collins
Thomas Comens
Burnard Coner
Daniel Cook
Edward C. Corbet
Ely Cormagust
John Cornman
James Corset
David Crick
John Crick
James B. Cripps
Ely Crocket
Francis Croner
William Cunningham
Joseph Cyphert
Tolbert Dale
John Danegy
J. P. Daty
John S. Davis
David Dehart
Reuben Deles
Lewis Delo
Henry Delp
Joseph Deter
Thomas Ditner
Joseph Dorwat
John Dougherty
John Duff
Henry G. Dunkle
I. J. Dunkle
Michael M. Dunkle
W. C. Dunkle
James Dunlap
John Dunlap
John Dwyer
W. C. Elis
Lewis Emerick
Elias Eminger
Charles Evans
Robert Evans
E. W. Everdin
John Everhart
David Fink
Jacob Fink
John Fisher
Joseph Fisher
Mathias Fitzgerald
Aaron Fleck
John Fleming
Jonas Flick
John Fontz
Hance Forguson
Reuben Fowles
Henry Freeman
Aaron Fulmer
Robert Gardner
George Gay
David Gilbert
George Gilbert
John Gilbert
Joseph Gilbert
Daniel Gilger
William Gillespie
John Glen
Joseph D. Gold
James Goughlass
Oliver Greeno
Lewis Griffin
Anderson Grinder
George Groom
Samuel Grundan
Abraham Guegre
David Guthrie
James H. Guthrie
John Guthrie
Jacob Hale
Thomas Hallos
Isaac Hampton
Henry Hanna
Wm. Hanna
Elias Hapman
Charles Harkless
Abner Harkness
George Harmer
Levi Harnish
Thomas Harrington
Michael Harroof
Michael Heckman
Philip Helcel
William Henderson
David Hesinger
Isaac Hess
J. Hilands
Stephen Hill
Andrew Hillins
George Hinkle
Wm. Hock
John Hogue
Aaron Hopkins
Samuel Hours
George How
Abraham Hunsbarger
Enos Hunsbarger
David Huton
John Imhoof
David Izenburgh
W. D. James
A. Johnson
Ezaiah Jones
Wm. Karns
John Keezy
Ely Keffer
David Kellerman
James Kelly
Reuben Kelly
Manasses Kerr
Michael Ketner
Adam Kiester
David Kifer
William Killinger
John Knight
Solomon Knight
Michael Kosner
Reuben Kratzer
John R. Kuhns
Thomas S. Kyler
Charles Lake
Jonathan Lantz
Joseph Lego
Thomas C. Leonard
John Lilligh
Abraham Lingenfelter
Josiah Lingenfelter
Philip M. Lithgow
Sidle Lobough
John Logue
Henry Long
R. Loughlen
Robert Lowrie
Noble S. Lucas
Jacob B. Ludwick
John B. Lyons
J. F. Mackey
Jeremiah Malony
Washington Martin
John Maryman
Thomas Mathews
Cornelus McBride
John McBride
Alexander McCall
Samuel McCamant
Neel McCapperty
Thomas McCartney
Charles McCauley
James McCauley
Hamilton McClintock
Nathan McCloskey
William McCoy
Michael McCue
Stephen McCue
Andrew McCurrey
James McFadden
Charles McGarver
Robert McGinis
James McGinley
Thomas F. McGonigle
James McGrady
Hiram McHendree
Alexander McKeaver
James F. McKinly
Daniel McKinney
Hugh McLaferty
Benjamin McLaughlin
Andrew McMachen
Thomas McMachen
Washington McMachen
Wm. McMichael
Robert McMillen
John McMun
Lewis Meminch (McMinch)
A. M. Meginis (McGinis)
Archibald Megoughy (McGoughy)
James Memar (McMar?)
Barnett Mercer
Amos Mersor
Jesse Michel
George Miller
John Miller
John Miller
Peter Miller
R. B. Mills
William Mires
John Moore
William G. More
Samuel Morehead
Joseph Morrison
James Morrow
Rudolph Mulholen
Daniel Mulhollen
John Murren
Elias Neal
Jacob Nealy
John near
Jesse Neely
Samuel Newell
Thomas F. Newell
Andrew Nickle
James O'Doneld
James O'Harrah
John O'Harrah
Samuel C. Orr
Ely Over
James Painter
Joseph Painter
J. T. Parsons
James Pasterfield
John Pasterfield
Joseph Perry
P. G. H. Perry
Amos Peters
Adam Cu pler [sic] (Cuppler?)
Alexander Porter
Henry Porter
Isaac W. Porter
John Porter
Thompson Potter
J. B. Ragan
Taylor Randolph
Patrick Rapherty
James L. Read
James L. Read
John G. Reed
James Reid
Thomas Reyneles
David M. Rhea
Joseph Rhinett
Frederick Rider
Joseph Riser
Joseph Risher
William Roads
John Robison
William Rosensteel
D. S. Rupp
David Ruppert
W. H. Ruppert
Robert Rusel
Abraham Samsel
John Sanders
Lewis D. Sanford
Thara Savage
James W. Saxton
John Scott
Chanet Sewart
George Sharrow
James Shaw
James Shields
John Sholl
Andrew Shover
James Simpson
Robert F. Simpson
Henry Siverling
Jacob Siverling
John Slack
Thompson Slater
Samuel Slaughtery
John Sluckey
Aldred Smith
Christian Smith
Jacob Smith
Philip Smith
William Smith
David Snider
John Spender
Thomas Stephens
Joseph Stine
James Stitt
Daniel Stop
John Stratten
William T. Stratten
John Stuart
James Sweeny
Daniel Swob
Joseph Swob
Abraham W. Thomas
Owen S. Thomas
John Thompson
Matthew Thompson
Samuel Thompson
Jacob Tipery
Isaac Titus
William Townly
Reas Trousan
David Trudy
Alexander Turk
Emanuel Umperhoward
Isaac Updegraff
William Vance
Jacob Ver
S. P. Wagner
William Wallace
John Walter
J. J. Walters
Clemons Watson
John Watt
C. R. Watters
Joseph Watterson
Abraham Weaver
Robert P. Whiles
Adam Whiser
Wm. C. White
Jacob Williams
John Williams
John H. Williams
John Wilson
John Wilson
Michael Wolf
Samuel Yearly
Ezekiel Zimmerman
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