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Transcribed by Henry Hively and published in the Western PA Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 13, No. 3 (Winter 1987), pg. 24.  No copyright infringement intended.

These records were found in a log home near Parker (Perry Twp.), Clarion County.

William F. McAllister and Catherine Ann Coulter were married March 3, 1853.

Sarah Jane McAllister and George Grinder were married June 8, 1865.

William F. McAllister was born April 6, 1828.

Catherine Ann Coulter was born January 12, 1831.

Sarah Jane McAllister was born March 16, 1854.

Martha Elizabeth McAllister was born July 2, 1856

Flora Ann McAllister was born November 7, 1858.

Amanda Catherine McAllister was born January 1, 1861.

Ida Cars McAllister was born July 27, 1864 Robert Fowler McAllister was born February 22, 1869.

William Albert McAllister was born June 10, 1871.

Herman Roy McAllister was born November 30, 1884.

John McAllister father of Wm. P. McAllister died April 22, 1869, aged 100 years.

Christenia Jane McAllister wife of John R. McAllister died December 21, 1854. age 56 years.

Amanda Catherine, daughter of Wm. F. and Catherine McAllister died Aug. 25, 1863.

William F. McAllister died March 5, 1903, age 75 years.

Catherine Ann McAllister died Oct. 19, 1904, age 73 years Robert F. McAllister died May 22, 1914, age 45 years.

Sarah Jane daughter of William and Catherine McAllister died June 5, 1912.

Anne McAllister daughter of Wm. and Catherine McAllister died Oct. 26, 1926.

Martha Elizabeth McAllister daughter of William F. and Catherine McAllister died Feb. 7, 1935.

William Albert McAllister son of William F. and Catherine Coulter McAllister died April 16, 1941 age 69 years 10 months.

Ida McAllister Shakley daughter of the late William F. and Catherine Coulter McAllister died September 19, 1939.

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