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Research Aids
Genealogy research is always expanding one's knowledge and interests.  I'll try to keep this page updated as I learn more.  If you connect to any of these lines, please contact me.

I am researching several family lines in Clarion County.  They include

Boyer Ancestors

Levi BoyerMy great-great-grandfather, Levi Cyrus BOYER was born 20 Jan 1841 in Pine Hollow, Perry Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, and christened 19 Sep 1841 in Beaver Twp., Clarion Co., PA. He was a peddler who died 31 Dec 1915 in Reidsburg, Monroe Twp., Clarion Co., PA. Levi first married 8 Oct 1863 in Clarion Co., PA, Nancy Jane SCOTT. Nancy Jane, daughter of Ira, Sr., and Rachel (neè MAGEE) SCOTT was born 19 Sep 1846 in Clarion Co., PA, and died 9 Nov 1879 in West Freedom, Clarion Co., PA.  Their son, William Alvin (a/k/a Alvin Snyder) BOYER, was my great-grandfather.  He led quite a colorful life, with a portion of it spent in Tennessee where he met and married (bigamously) my great-grandmother, Rachel Mary DAVIES.

Henry BoyerMt. Zion ChurchMy great-great-great-grandfather, Heinrich (Henry) BOYER was born 6 Jun 1806 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, died 9 May 1877 in Pine Hollow, Perry Township, Clarion County, PA; he was a cobbler with a shop on the Clarion River to service the logging and iron-working trade.

Henry first married 18 Mar 1827 in Pike Twp., Berks Co., PA, Catherina GRAUEL (KROLL/CRULL), who was born 12 Jun 1807, probably in Berks Co., PA; she died 9 Oct 1872 in Perry Twp., Clarion Co., PA.  They are buried at Mt. Zion Church Hill Cemetery, Licking Twp, Clarion Co., PA (photo of their graves at right).  Their children married into the Karns, Dunkle, Whitmer, McNany, and Hack families in Clarion County.  A granddaughter married into the Henry family.

Henry married second Anna Colwell, but none of their descendants have been interested in sharing information about their branch of our family.

Parents of Heinrich BOYER

John BOYER was born 5 Apr 1784 in Amityville, Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died 26 May 1820 in Colebrookdale Township, Berks Co., PA.  John first married circa 1805, probably in Berks Co., Catharina REICHERT, who was born 21 Mar 1784 and died 30 Apr 1816 in Berks Co., PA.

Parents of John BOYER

Charles BOYER was born circa 1757 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died in 1828 in Berks Co., PA.  Charles was a Revolutionary War Soldier.  He married circa 1783, probably in Berks Co., PA, Maria Magdalena REITNOUR.

Parents of Charles BOYER

John BOYER was born 13 Aug 1727 in Palatinate, Germany; he was confirmed on the Sunday after Easter, 1746, and died 24 Jan 1777, probably in Amity Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  John married 17 Apr 1750 in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth SPECHT, who was born in 1726 and died 26 February 1802 in Berks Co., PA.

Parents of John BOYER

Immigrant Johann Philip BEYER was born 23 Mar 1701 in Flomersheim, Palatinate, Germany; his baptism is recorded in the town's Book of Baptisms, 16__-1758; he was confirmed Palm Sunday, 1715; he died 7 May 1753 in Amity Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.  John married 11 Nov 1721 in Eppstein (Frankenthal), Palatinate, Germany Maria Elisabeth BECK. Maria Elisabeth, daughter of Johann Georg and Anna Eva BECK, was born 26 February 1701, probably in Eppstein, Palatinate, Germany; she died after 1753, probably in Amity Twp., Berks Co., PA.  In 1997, I visited Flomersheim, but I was not able to locate the record books cited by the Association of American Boyers in their publications.

Parents of Johann Philip BEYER

Samuel BEYER was born 1660-1680 in Palatinate, Germany.  He was a customs official.  His wife was Maria.

Scott Ancestors

Ira SCOTT, Sr., was born 5 Mar 1796 in New York; he died 5 April 1878, probably in Perry Township, Clarion County, PA.  Ira's second marriage was 20 Jul 1841, probably in Armstrong Co., PA, to Rachel MAGEE.  Rachel, daughter of Andrew and Rachel (neè COCHRAN) MAGEE was born 12 April 1810, probably in Armstrong Co., PA; she died 16 Nov 1896, probably in Altay, Schuyler Co., NY.

Ira's first wife was Jane Smith, daughter of James Smith (born 1788 in Ireland) and Margaret Hartford (b. 1790 in Bedford County, PA) according to a posting on the Ancestry World Family Tree project.  For the benefit of those researching Ira's first wife's family, below is a transcription of the family record pages from his Bible.  I'm hoping this bit of "good genealogy karma" will come back to us in the form of someone's letting us know what rock Ira sprang forth from.  He's one of the greatest mysteries in my research!

James Scott was born Feb. 1, 1822
John Scott was born July 5, 1823
Ira Scott Jr. was born June 22, 1826
Matthew H. Scott was born July 8, 1828
Smith Scott was born July 12, 1830
George W. Scott was born August 27, 1832
Elizabeth Scott was born October 18, 1834
Thomas McGee Scott was born March 13, 1845 -- child of second wife
Nancy Jane Scott was born September 19, 1846 -- child of second wife
Martha M. Scott was born October 7, 1848 -- child of second wife
Emeline Smith born January 27, 1833
Lucinda Smith was born March 1, 1835
John H. Smith was born 5, 1837
Ira Scott, Sr. was born March 5, 1796 -- in New York
Rachel Scott was born April 12, 1810 -- Ira's second wife
William Andrew Smith was born February 6, 1839

Jane Scott departed this life December 25, 1839
Ira Scott, Jr. departed this life January 5, 1840
Thomas McGee Scott departed this life October 14, 1845 -- son of second wife
Emeline Smith departed this life February 22, 1840
James Scott departed this life February 25, 1849 aged 27 years & 25 days
Lucinda Smith departed this life October 4, 1851
Smith Scott departed this life November 18, 1854
Nancy Jane Boyer departed this life November 9, 1879 -- daughter of second wife
Ira Scott, Sr. departed this life April 5, 1875
Rachel McGee Scott departed this life November 16, 1896 -- second wife
Martha Melissa Scott Hughes departed this life January 3, 1929 buried at Evergreen Cemetery - Portland, N.Y. -- daughter of second wife

Ira Scott & Jane Smith were married February 20, 1821
John Scott and Amy Frantz were married March 16, 1848
Matthew H. Scott and (can't make it out) were married (no date)
George Scott and (erased)
William Hileman and Elizabeth Scott were married (erased)
Ira Scott and Rachel McGee were married July 20, 1841 -- second wife
John H. Smith and Mary Jane (can't make it out) were married 15, 1856
William A. Smith and Jane Wike were married January 3, 1860
Nancy Jane Scott and Levi Boyer were married October 8, 1863 -- see Boyer section, above
Martha Melissa Scott and Rev. William (can't make it out) married June 26, 1867 -- daughter of second wife

Magee Ancestors

Andrew MAGEE was born 3 Mar 1776 in Pennsylvania (probably Cumberland County); died 26 May 1858, Piney Township, Clarion County, Pennsylvania. He married (probably in Mifflin Co., PA) Rachel COCHRAN, who was born 1772/3 in Pennsylvania and died 7 Nov 1851 in Piney Twp., Clarion Co., PA. Rachel was the daughter of Alexander COCHRAN (born circa 1733; immigrated from Ireland circa 1752; married 1762; died 1807, Armagh Township, Mifflin County, PA) and his wife, Agnes.  It seems a fair number of people are descended from Andrew and Rachel.

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