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Please select various resources on this site from the menu above.

Research Aids

You can't have too many maps of Clarion County!  I have been very successful in my own research using a combination of the variations described below:

  • There are several sites on the Internet for creating maps "on-the-fly.".  Keep in mind, however, that on-line mapping services do not necessarily have the most-current data available.

  • Historic and modern maps are interspersed on this Web site.

  • Order custom maps from Charles Reeves, who created most of the maps for this Web site.  They are inexpensive and invaluable.

  • Call or write to the County Road Superintendent's office at the Courthouse for excellent county and township road maps.  They are large and easy to read.  Expect them to be mailed folded.  An oversized, color, 911 map shows all the new road names in the county since the E-911 system was installed.  County and township road numbers are no longer used on road signs.

  • Purchase USGS topographical (quadrangle) maps for the area to use in conjunction with your maps from the Road Dept.

  • Acquire copies of your towns, villages, or townships from Caldwell's 1877 Atlas of Clarion County.  Copies from reprinted atlases are available from the Clarion County Historical Society.  Send 25 cents for each copy and sufficient money for postage (37 cents for each 5 pages).
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