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About This Site

The Clarion County PAGenWeb site went on-line July 6, 1996!

Birthday Cake

It's almost incredible: fourteen years!  We couldn't have made it this far without the spectacular support of all the visitors, transcriptionists, and others who have helped us meet our goal of providing the best, free, on-line genealogy and local history resource for Clarion County, Pennsylvania.

A few people must be named individually.  This isn't meant to overlook anyone.  It's just that these people have done amazing things over the years to make this site what is today:

  • First and foremost, Nate Zipfel, who kept this site going when your Web hostess' life went haywire and who has provided free Web space and services to this site for many years
  • Charles Reeves, amazing cartographer
  • Tom Nagy, administrator of the Clarion mailing list on Rootsweb
  • Arnold Kepple, historian of Callensburg and Licking Township
  • Diana Roche, proofreader extraordinaire
  • Lindsley Dunn, former director of the Clarion County Historical Society
  • The transcribing queens who've helped in the past few months get massive data on-line
  • The staffs of various clerks' offices at the courthouse in Clarion

To everyone else who has transcribed, photographed, e-mailed, or otherwise helped add to this site, we thank you.

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