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About Clarion County

From History of Clarion County, unknown compiler, published circa 1976.

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Year Treasurer
1841 Amos Williams
1843 Benjamin Crisman
1845 Greenberry Wilson
1847 William T. Alexander
1849 Daniel Laughner
1851 William T. Alexander
1853 David Morrell
1855 John Keatly
1857 William T. Alexander
1859 James T. Burns
1861 W. W. Barr
1863 Samuel Johnson
1865 Daniel Mercer
1867 Jeremiah M. Best
1869 Bernard Vensel
1871 Christian Brinker
1873 Andrew Edinger
1875 J. B. Gwinn
1878 P. Graham
1881 Samuel Sharor
1884 J. E. Fisher
(term expired Jan 1888)
1889 B. M. McEntire
1890 J. W. Cope
1893 Charles R. Bowman
1896 Dr. R. Hindman
1899 A. Hufnagel
1906 James K. Pierce
1909 G. M. Frazier
1912 James Haskell
1916 Bird W. Thompson
1920 John Paul Reed
1924 Frank C. Timmis
1928 W. O. Dixon
1932 Fred G. Marshall
1936 Arthur Gillinger
1940 L. J. DeVilder
1944 M. O. McKinley
1948 Joseph F. Schierberl
1952 Richard D. Miller
1956-1960 Fred Laughlin
1964 Merle Brosius
1968-1972 Carl C. Hess
(died 23 Apr 1972)
Walter A. Karg
(appointed 12 Jun 1972)
1976 Walter A. Karg
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