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About Clarion County

From History of Clarion County, unknown compiler, published circa 1976.

Year Auditors
1840 John Elliott, Joseph C. King, George Means
1841 John Elliott
1842 William Henry
1843 Stephen D. Burns, Ephraim Armitage
1844 Stephen D. Burns
1845 Daniel Bostaph
1846 Hugh Kilgore
1847 Peter B. Simpson
1848 Reynolds Laughlin
1849 Samuel B. Reyner
1850 William Divins
1851 John G. Fox
1852 Samuel Winket
1853 Samuel Johnson
1854 J. J. Livingstone
1855 William Thompson
1856 James Martin
1857 Samuel Gawin
1858 Joseph Wood
1859 Isaac Neely
1860 George Callihan
1861 George Heeter, Jr.
1862 John Elliott
1863 E. W. Haines
1864 A. K. Page
1865 H. H. Neely
1866 William C. Dunkle
1867 Jeremiah Heeter, Stephen Smith
1868 James McCall
1869 Stephen Smith
1870 Edward Best
1871 George Black
1872 William B. Hamm
1873 Jacob Kribbs
1874 W. Reed Boyle
1875 James Russell, H. E. Best, A. L. Sigworth
1878 Jacob Kribbs, W. G. Allen, A. G. Truitt
1881 Jacob Kribbs, W. G. Allen, A. G. Truitt
1884 H. P. Elliott, W. H. Spangler, W. L. Johnson
1890 H. S. Corbett, L. P. Arner
1899 J. D. Orr, Dennis Conner, O. C. Longnecker
1906 Scott Miller, Frank McCall, James O. Craig
1908 S. E. Henlen (replaced James O. Craig)
1909 H. S. Corbett, D. C. Hindman
1912 E. M. McEntire, Paul Eiseman, T. N. Martin
1916 Adam Wentling, Paul Eiseman, John I. Dunlap
1920 John I. Dunlap, Robert McFarland, S. G. Haun
1928 H. A. Alt, Robert McFarland, Samuel H. Kirkpatrick
1930 T. G. McFarland (replaced Robert McFarland)
1932 Arthur Gillinger, S. H. Kirkpatrick, Robert McFarland
1933 Arthur Gillinger, S. H. Kirkpatrick, Robert McFarland
1936 Homer B. George, T. G. McFarland, Frank McCall
1939 J. Frank Walters (replaced Homer B. George)
1940 T. G. McFarland, William O. Rose, Mrs. Elizabeth Cook
1944 T. G. McFarland, Mrs. Elizabeth Cook, C. B. Strattan
1948 Amos Dolby, Bert Black, T. G. McFarland
1958 Edwin Say, Byron Hanly
1960 T. Grant McFarland, Edwin Say, Byron Hanly
1964 Fannie Elliot, Edwin Say, Byron Hanly
1968 Byron Hanly, Robert Showers, Lawrence Clark
1972 John M. Fulton, Robert Stahlman, Merle L. Over
1976 Robert Stahlman, Merle L. Over, Jay A. Amsler
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