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  • All your work has made this the best site for information I have ever seen. God bless you for all your hard work. Thanks for the information. -- Linda Kiser Miller -- Sep., 1999

  • Great web page! Thank you. -- Betty Buzzerd -- Sep., 1999

  • Also, thanks for your work on this site. I do not live in PA any longer, and thanks mainly to the leads from this site I have been able to establish my heritage back beyond where I ever thought possible. Mostly what has happened is that someone else has long since done the research and I am able to locate them. Thanks again for all your work. -- David Sweitzer -- Aug., 1999

  • My compliments and thanks for a huge, well done work on your pages. Again, thanks for the great work. -- Richard DeMoske, West Virginia -- July, 1999

  • Thanks! Bless you for giving me some hope of finding Michael via your website ... it's great!! -- Kate Whitmore -- June, 1999

  • I wanted to compliment you on your web site. It is very informative and I have spent hours reading facts about Clarion. My family is from that area. Some from Rimersburg and later Leeper, Tylersburg and Clarion. I found one time in my wanderings over your site a reference to Wynkoop Run. It was mentioned with Toby Run and had something to do with the lumber business. I have been trying to find out anything I can about the Wynkoop's and about the Wynkoop Run (how it got named, etc. where it is exactly). Thanks again for the very helpful web site. It has helped me locate my Grandma Wynkoop (Summers) father's grave. Have a good day. -- Deb Wynkoop-Boden -- May, 1999

  • I really enjoy your web page of Clarion Co. Thank you so much. -- Henry Rowan -- May, 1999

  • You are so appreciated for all you do! -- Loretta McLaughlin Garich -- February,1999

  • I would like to write and thank you for some great help from a great person. I had posted a query on this website about six months ago. I had no replies until recently a wonderful lady named Sally Reed saw my posting and actually went to the courthouse to look up my query. I had been stuck on this name for over 3 years and she found their application for marriage license with all the missing links I needed. Sally does some professional genealogy I understand and did this out of the kindness of her heart! Thanks for allowing me to post my query on this page which allowed me to find Sally. -- Shawn Jones -- Dec., 1998

  • You have done an excellent job on these pages and links. Once you put some of my information on the Web site. That led a cousin to contact me. -- Bernard A. Clark -- Dec., 1998

  • It was great to stumble across this cite. Thanks so much for producing such an interesting and informative history of Clarion Co. Thanks for all you do. -- Connie Swartzwelder -- Nov., 1998

  • Thanks for all your effort on the Clarion List. I appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to share it with others. -- Maxine McCartney Gates -- Oct., 1998

  • I was very happy to find your web site. -- jkiefer -- Sep., 1998

  • I want to let you know that I enjoy your Clarion Co. page. I have many ancestors from Clarion Co. and visit it often. -- Virginia Deagan -- Sep., 1998

  • I really enjoyed your website! -- Shawn Jones -- Aug., 1998

  • A very informative site. -- Melvin J. Sleppy II -- Aug., 1998

  • What a nice web page! -- Jodi Flick -- Aug., 1998

  • Your Clarion County, PA, Military History Homepage is great! -- Denise Sibert -- Jul., 1998

  • I was recently visiting your well-done Clarion County USGenWeb Page. -- Mike Gifford -- Jun., 1998

  • This is the best collection of info I have seen so far in my PA search. I especially like the township maps, which others don't have. -- Andies6 -- Apr., 1998

  • Thank you for providing this service. It is so wonderful!! -- Lori -- Mar., 1998

  • Your Clarion site is very useful. -- Tsspcdoc -- Mar., 1998

  • This is a great site. -- Harry -- Mar., 1998

  • What a great job you have done on the Clarion Co page. I started looking at it about a year ago and have not seen it in about six months. I was astonished at the change and the volumes of great information and links!! Thanks so much for your great work. -- C55L -- Mar., 1998

  • You've created a great Website. Congratulations! -- John Hartmann -- Mar., 1998

  • Just a note of thanks for the wonderful research page ("Planning a Research Trip")! I wish there were more of those out there. -- Sherry Ohern -- Feb., 1998

  • You're doing some wonderful work there! -- James Allan Yates -- Jan., 1998

  • Thanks for putting [our book] on the Internet. The Kansas Rankins read about us and wrote. We now have a family for Benjamin Rankin, born 1816. -- Janice Yingling -- Jan., 1998

  • I want to tell you what a great job you are doing in Clarion County. I have been researching in Clarion for about three years now. You help has been wonderful. I do have one thing to say, however. -- Mimi Reed -- Jan., 1998

  • You have a beautiful page! -- Jacqueline Q. Scott, Oregon -- Dec., 1997

  • Great job on the updates! Thanks again for your hard work at the site. -- Roger & Mary Scott -- Dec., 1997

  • You are doing a good job, and I, for one, really appreciate your hard work. -- Roy Karl, Texas -- Dec., 1997

  • I love the updates you have done to the website, and I even saw my great-grandfather, Alexander Goble, and his brother, Albert Goble, listed on your Civil War Veterans page and some other various family members listed on some of the other war veterans pages. Thanks for all your hard work! -- Kathy Brown -- Dec. 1997

  • Thank you for this very valuable information. You're the greatest! -- Mary Jo O'Malley -- Dec., 1997

  • Thanks for all your work on the Clarion Co. Web Page. I think it is definitely one of the best genealogy web pages that I have seen. -- Marilyn Logue -- Dec., 1997

  • I check your Clarion County website periodically and am very impressed with your work on it and the information you have included. -- Karen Jordan -- Dec., 1997

  • Love what you are doing with the Clarion Co. Web page. -- Georgia Hood, Texas -- Dec., 1997

  • You're one of the best at creating genealogy websites. -- Tom Nagy, Pennsylvania -- Dec., 1997

  • I do appreciate the webpage updates. Thank you Billie for all the hard work of gathering information. --Craig Kinder -- Dec., 1997

  • Your Clarion County site is the best I have seen!! I visit often looking for my people. Thank you for all your hard work!-- Susan Galvin, Alaska -- Dec., 1997

  • I haven't had time to investigate all this wonderful material that you have coming out. Thanks for all your hard work. It's wonderful to be able to go to the site to find information when I'm down here in GA. -- Nancy Erbland, Georgia -- Dec., 1997

  • Nice job on the Clarion County page. Thanks again for the effort you've put in. -- Gary Edwards, Pennsylvania -- January, 1997

  • Thanks for everything. -- Jan Olsen -- Sep., 1996

  • Appreciate your help! -- Kath Bauer, Missouri -- Aug., 1996

  • It's great! I was so glad to see Clarion Co. adopted. -- Kathy Schmid, Indiana -- Aug., 1996

  • Just another note to say congratulations on a job well done. I think your Clarion County site is one of the best of its kind I've found. I especially like how you've set up the queries. I wish everyone did that! -- Don Sandnes -- Jul., 1996

  • WOW, I just came home from a week in Clarion Co. looking into my Clover and MaClay ancestors. Then when I got home, I find that there will be home page on the subject of the genealogy of Clarion Co. -- Russ Arndts -- Jul., 1996

  • Thanks for your time and efforts on the Clarion Co. web page. -- Roy Karl, Texas, -- Jul., 1996

  • Most of my husband's family genealogy is in Clarion County and I was very excited to find your page. Thanks for your work on this page. -- Janet McNaughton, Arizona -- Jul., 1996

  • Thanks again for all your help. -- Cathy Reisinger -- Jul., 1996
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